Monday, June 22, 2009

EBL Radio

The sun is beginning to set up here in the great AK. Summer Solstice is here and from here on out we'll be losing sunlight. I'm depressed.

Over the weekend a full-practice run of the EBL 30 minute radio program aired. You will be able to catch the recorded program and download it to iTunes or your MP3 player as a podcast if you don't have time ready for it or want to listen to it during your commute. The next airdate will be the inaugural Premiere July 4th 8:00 PM EST. There are 4 Shows signed - and will be on each Saturday at 8:00 PM EST - depending on the reviews and show's ratings it will be decided by the end of the third show whether it will be signed on for another 4 shows.

I'm not a writer - so the blog sphere doesn't really fit me; nor am I an experienced radio guy (I volunteered as a DJ for a public radio station in high school)- so being live and expected to fill 30 minutes is quite daunting. Additionally - though I'm able to verbally spar with people I'm comfortable with; if there is someone I'm afraid I might hurt their feelings' well - I won't let loose. Which was painfully evident at the end of the show.

My dream would be to have an actual LIVE birth on air - my sister-in-law just delivered a healthy baby boy, but that was a no go. . . I have a friend in town that is expectant any day . . . so there's hope for that. If you know anyone ready to deliver soon and wants to make radio history have them get in contact with me.

The 4th of July show is going to be a HUGE Extravaganza we'll be celebrating the Nation's birthday and EBL Radio's birth - and so much more. Be sure to clear your calendars and/or share it with a friend at whatever party you may be at.


DangGina said...

Ha ha.. .a live birth. You kill me...

Carly said...

i think you're a great writer. i will be downloading your podcast cause i didn't get to listen to the live thing this weekend.