Friday, June 19, 2009

I'm in the Jailhouse Now

I'm in the jailhouse now. . . I'm in the jailhouse now. . . that's right and I'm trying to win back the fare of my squaw. So I entered a contest.

Apparently the woman likes womanly things. . . and I came across a woman who does womanly things so I'm trying to breed them together to get something to give to the woman.

Click this to see what I'm rambling about. . . apparently there are five things I have to do to 'Win' this. Sounds like work to me - and it's not winning something if you work for it. It's compensation.
I'm also supposed to put this button on the sidebar - but seeing as how no one even clicks the ads - even just for curiosity I don't see how adding this button will add anything, but it gets me another entry.

Oooh and I have to add this person as a friend on Facebook - good because I'm already keeping in contact with all 200+ I have on there. I really only know like 1 person on there and they stopped using it. Oh well.

So - that this post isn't just a complete waste of your time; Tomorrow (Saturday) morning EBL Radio will be going live. It's a test show - but you are welcome to listen in to the practice schedule. There's this one guy who keeps asking - well why do you do them if they're just practice and why have people listen to them? Well because it's PRACTICE!! I'm not sure what his parents gave him to drink when he was a baby but . . . darn.

So 12:00 PM EST; 11:00 AM CST; 10:00 AM MST; 9:00 AM PST and 8:00 AM Alaska Time - I guess 7:00 AM for Hawaiians.

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Rocksee said...

Happy Fathers Day Bob!!

aworgill said...

I am HONORED to be the idiot mentioned asking you why. Thank you.