Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The All Encompassing Fear

Few things in life really prepare you for something great in a short amount of time. Usually to achieve greatness you have to stumble through heartache, grief, frustration and endless amounts of nagging from Mother.

Not necessarily your biological Mother - but that someone who watches over you and guides you to make sure you don't screw up too badly. . . Father doesn't mind if you screw up badly - because it's still a learning experience.

There's a lot of bloody knuckles - few curse words under bated breath - an occasional leap of joy then the crashing realization that you do not count your chickens before they hatch.

Then - on the horizon - you see it. The break of dawn and the abatement of the darkness giving way to the emerging light. Is the rest of the trip worth it - or can I just sit down and enjoy the sunrise? Is it not great enough to witness the dawning of a new day? What lays ahead though if I were to take one more step towards greatness?

One more step can't hurt.

That's when you're in the thick of it. The dense forest that didn't seem so dense when the journey began. . . the only absolution is from the minuscule etches of light breaking through the boughs of darkness - but when the bough breaks how far will be the fall? Is the sunrise worth treading through the forest? Why did I begin this trip anyway?

Trepidation, exhaustion and frigid paralysis choke the will. What is the goal - what is the outcome? Why? Why?

Darkness engulfs. The mind assumes the worst and creates monsters and demons who are encircling, waiting for the moment to ensnare and drag away into the depths of the thick forest.

A fire must be lit!

Five days left. . . the dawn is around the corner. Time to bolster up and step forward. Will you join in my crusade? If you're a regular here - please invite one person to the blogspot and become a member of the Tribe. If you are visiting - please sign on as a follower and tomorrow bring a friend.

EBL Radio is Live Saturday the 4th of July at 2:00 PM AKST - 3PM PST - 4 PM MTN Time - 5 PM Central and 6 PM EST. The show is only a half hour - so try to make it. You can find information about it at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/eskimoboblives You can call in to (347) 637-3422.


DangGina said...

...how did i get here? i'm still hopeful my portion of said show doesn't go up in smoke and flames...

Deedee said...

Kudos, E.B. You will be great! I will be traveling to my favorie island of Manisses sans computer, but if I can find a way to catch it, I will. Congrats again!

darsden said...

You will do great Bob, I plan to be in attendance...but dude that is the 4th of July...hugh celebration down here on the coast ya know..but I will do my best :-)

@eloh said...

I'll be there Bob, and I know you'll do just fine.

aworgill said...

It will be awesome. But I really wish you were doing this in the morning. The afternoon of the 4th? That is a bold move, my friend.

willow said...

Okay, I'll have to admit your post was blurry from the tears in my eyes. Tears from laughing at your comment on my blog, that is. Stop it. You're hurting my stomach.

Anonymous said...

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