Monday, June 29, 2009

6 Days Left

The anticipation is brimful of Asha.

R.I.P. Billy Mays - thanks to you my underwear is still white.

I wish I had something more to say on your behalf - but it's also fitting that you've been hands on with my most intimate things.

Okay - so I'd like to ask you dedicated tribe members to invite one person to EBL blog and have them sign on as a follower - unless they think it's crap then they can just move along. I don't hold grudges . . . I end them.

That came off more hostile than I would've liked. I'd like the pattern to go on the rest of the week prior to the show - so if by Friday 120 followers that would just be nuts. I'll be sure to have a very special show of Rock'N Roll Friday in anticipation for the new radio program - so here we go. It's the final week - let the marketing express leave the station.


DangGina said...

I hate Monday...

darsden said...

count down in on man...

yes, billy mays was another shock. Seeing him on the plane walking off saying he had a hard that is tough!

Pearl said...

I'll point 'em your way tomorrow, EB!


p.s. BILLY MAY HERE! *sniff*