Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Tuesday - Armpit of the Week

It's not fair. . . I tell you; it's just not fair.

Today's weather is even better than yesterdays. It was nice to be able to enjoy the sunshine on my shoulders, it made me happy.

Now - the sunshine through the window mocks. It says; today's my last day of being out before the rain clouds come in. Too bad you're being responsible and not blowing off the work day to play. (It would be justified right)?

That's about it. . . I'm gonna go - if anything else hits the brain I'll post it later.

Thanks for stopping by.


darsden said...

I hear you bob yesterday was our first day of rain...we got 2" but today is absolutely beautiful..making fun at all who returned to work today hung over and pissed about the rained out BBQ yesterday!

DangGina said...


But you know what? You find what you're looking for. Just sayin'...

Pearl said...

Sunshine on your shoulders makes you happy?

I just knew you weren't dead, Bob! :-)

Country Roads, TAke Me Home,

Amber said...

Well, just for the record, I DID blow off the work day. And I didn't look back.

@eloh said...

There is always another week end just around the corner, yeah, still raining here too.

Rocksee said...

Dude could you imagine how big of a pimp John Denver would be now if he was still alive..

I could see like Kanye West and John doing a duet or something.

soo kidding.

nsiyer said...

The title, Bob is funny. Armpit of the week. Like you, Bob.