Saturday, April 4, 2009

Saturday Saturday Saturday Saturday

i hope that all of you are still kickin' from the natural high that rock'n'roll friday gives. i know - i didn't post anything on rock'n'roll friday. however - the thursday post was rockin' enough to last for two days.

this weekend is the mecca for mormons. general conference weekend.

i didn't join the caravan this year.

it's a beautiful sunny day here in the ak. the tone is low - the expectations met - it's time to chillax.

my computer is on its deathbed. yesterday i was trying to start it up to provide for my livelyhood - but the computer sputtered - hacked, coughed and went back to bed.

i thought for sure that there was a virus on here - so did the squaw. thankfully i have a potential client that i've been tickling that owns a computer repair shop. i brought the puter over to his shop and he ran a diagnosis on it.

no viruses. its just old. apparantly when we upgrade our programs and add programs to the computer it takes up space and memory. really. i kid you not.

well - this laptop even though i have most of the programs and extraneous stuff on an external harddrive - it's just doing its best to start-up. now somedays it feels great and runs without a problem - others it just can't get out of bed.

so - as i type these words i'm on the lookout for a replacement. [don't take it too hard computer. we'll keep you around as long as we can. but to stop your pain and suffering - one day we'll have to disconnect you.

i know. i know. we'll enjoy the time we have together - i'll share with you the newest pictures of the family - we'll let you listen to the new tunes we find - i'll even let you see how much money i have in the bank.

see. we're still tight.]

i'm really thinking of going mac. and i'll gut out this lap top to just run the bare essentials for my workstuff - we'll see what happens. and if i'll be able to have a post up for monday. if the puter doesn't die.


darsden said...

I now I finally know what is wrong with my computer, it doesn't want to get out of bed either. LOL I have a desk top upstair in eternal sleep, a dell oldie but a goodie I use when this laptop crashes and burns, I too find myself looking again, almost like a collection started ;-)
Have a great weekend and thank you for visiting today.

Steven M. Adami said...

Do you have to turn the crank shaft on the side of the CPU to power it up?

aworgill said...

You're seriously not going to sit through ten hours of conference? I do my best, but in recent years I usually fall asleep for most of at least one session. A guy can only take so much religion...

Eskimo Bob said...

Darsden - Welcome to EBL: perhaps we should set up a meeting with your Dell and my Gateway, no strings attached, and just see what happens. Perhaps they may find that spark to bring some zest back in their lives.

Steve - Yes.

Aworgill - Oh are you done with that? May I take it? (Picks up crushed Zest container - throws it in garbage.)

nsiyer said...

What a beautiful way to converse with your computer and make it alive. That's Kudos for you Bob since all situations need to be made alive if life has to be interesting.