Wednesday, April 1, 2009



DangGina said...

AMEN! The first part of American Idol is my FAVE part as well! So damn funny! I'm evil for laughing at 'em, but it is hilarious! (I, also, haven't "watched it" since season 2.)

Aaaand...I love that you sang for us. I totally wish I would've listened to this yesterday! I'm pretty sure I'm gonna bookmark this post so I can come back to it as often as I need a lift. I heart that you switched the words, and that you yelled at your blaudience like it's a live concert or something. (See, that's the thing about "write" what you know!)

I always sing along to the music in my car, but I don't know that I ever perform the hell out of a song like this. But that is about to change.

PS Did you get any weird looks from other drivers?

Also, it sounds like I need to listen to some more Weezer...I only have the blue album...

Aaaand...I think that's all.

No, wait. It stopped at 6m19s and won't go on any more. WHAT DID I MISS?!

Now I'm done.

Eskimo Bob said...

I consider this possibly my best post ever, mostly because it got you to say 'damn' after shouting 'AMEN' then ending with 'hell'- something beautifully ironic about it.

Bookmark it - share it with friends, let them share it with friends. People no longer need to be embarrassed about singing loudly in their cars. (As long as they don't let the neighbors down the street hear you coming. [Right Pearl?]).

I was going down the highway - so no one witnessed it at stoplights. But I would've thrown them a thumbs up.

Amber said...

I, too, have never read Gina swear. And does anyone else think that Bob sounds a little like PeeWee Herman there at the end?

Steven M. Adami said...

Yep. This *is* your best post. Nothing like rocking out, Eskimo style.

Eskimo Bob said...

Amber - does that make you Penny?

Steve - Gracias, Eskimo style.