Monday, March 30, 2009

Holy Toledo

Hey Folks -

I realize it's been several days - there was no Rock'N'Roll Friday - Saturday didn't get a post - and well this Monday post might as well be a Tuesday post. It may need to count as one - as I don't think I will have time tomorrow to post something. Tomorrow marks another beginning to single-parenthood. Hopefully Amber's trip won't be so exciting this go round.

Well - Friday was a very busy day. That was the day Amber was supposed to make it home, but the volcano had other ideas. We had it all planned out - I would finish my work in the valley by noon - then pick the boys up at one, we would drive into Anchorage, I had one final appointment at two - then at three/three-thirty head to the airport to pick up Amber. After picking her up - we would all go to Monsters vs. Aliens in 3-D.

Well we got everything done - headed into Anchorage - had the appointment - then the news that most likey the flight would be canceled due to ash. I took the boys to the movie anyway - had a blast. (The movie wasn't as funny as I thought it was going to be - but it's definitely worth it to see in 3-D.) Once the movie was over and we're back in the car - I had a voice mail waiting, it was Amber. She was boarding the plane and would be landing by the time the movie was getting out!

I checked the flight status and saw that we actually had an hour and fifteen minutes to kill. So we went out to dinner to a sit down restaurant. I was adament to the boys that I was not going to kill an hour at McDonalds or something similiar. So we went to Today's Pizza Italian Cuisine and Fine Dining.

Right? I mean - an Eskimo and two children seven and six at a fine dining establishment? Why not?

So we go into the fine dining establishment - and are seated promptly. The seven year old starts looking around at the ambiance decor: "Oh cool - they have grapes! Oh and look at all those dollar bills! They could probably buy a Wii Game." then with increased volume and excitement "Dad? What kind of restaurant is this?"

"It's Italian." I replied.

In a slighty louder voice: "Dad! This is a Chinese restaurant! Look! He's Chinese. They're talking Chinese back there! Dad! What's he saying!?!?! We're at an Italian Chinese restaurant! Could I have chop-sticks with my pizza?"

I'm sorry - could you say that louder please?


DangGina said...

Well he's YOUR kid, what do you expect? Bwa ha ha...I'm glad that Amber made it home the same day she was expected, at least. :)

Steven M. Adami said...

Bravo, Robert. bravo. I think we all know the kids had nothing to do with 1) seeing a cartoon in 3D and 2) the exuberance over the restaurant decor. I see right through you, naytif brudder.

willow said...

It's a small, small world.

Pearl said...

Ack! that's right up there with, "Mom! Why is that guy so fat? Huh? Huh, Mom? Why is that guy so fat? Huh?!"

Eskimo Bob said...

Gina - if he were my kid, then he'd be referring to the Korean (Chinese) man as an Oriental.

Steve - I was giddy over the dust covered garlic cloves hanging over our table.

Willow - I'm sure Disney wasn't expecting to have an amalgamation like when we went into the Korean owned and operated Italian restaurant.

Pearl - same kid -- at the workplace -- making the fat comment about a co-worker. The future is looking bright.

Stacey said...

I just had to laugh out loud. What funny kids. Sorry about the volcano stress.