Monday, April 6, 2009

Must be Sunny - In a Rich Man's World

I'm in the financial services profession. I'm pretty darn good at it too - I'm honest in my work - and believe that it's not only my inherent responsibility to help my clients grow their money, but educate them so that they may be able to help in the development and implementation of their financial plan.

Why do I bring this up? Because I believe money solves all problems. [Whoah!! Folks calm down]. Allow me to elaborate. . .

{OK - miss. If you continue to rant and rave like you are - please, put down the . . . Really? You're throwing wooden blocks? . . . This is getting dangerous - really. . . Ow - - - Security! I'm really devoting too much time to this interruption. . . }

Alright - I'll give you that it doesn't solve ALL problems, but really my word isn't gospel truth; it's my opinion. And for those that really know me - know that I don't rely on money to solve everything, that's what Coca-Cola is for. . .

Most of everything I have in my life is due to money or at least extended credit limits and heavy interest loans. Where was I?

This is totally not the direction I wanted this post to go on . . .

I was originally going to mention that I was going to be posting my interview I had with Tony Robbins posted, but due to technical difficulties - see Saturday's post - I'm unable to get that up for Monday morning.

So I'm pretty ticked.

I was able to salvage the interview - but I'm just unable to post it quite yet.

When I get ticked over something - I look to resolve it, and it's usually by spending money to get the desired outcome. Example:

As mentioned previous - I hated the glasses I had to wear since elementary school. I enjoyed the contact lenses I had - until one day I lost one in a swimming pool. I was fed up with contacts, having to replace them, and having to wear glasses that I went as soon as I could to get LASIK surgery done. That required some moolah.

In college - I had to go to the dentist or something and didn't want to make the walk across town by myself. I asked Steve if he wanted to come with me.
"Nope." Steve said matter of fact.
I practically begged.
"Nope." Was his reply again.
"I'll get you some McDonald's if you walk with me and keep me entertained." I said.
"Okay." Steve conceded.

I've said and done stupid things to the Squaw. This last statement probably falls in that category. To reconcile said offenses I've offered sweet words of reconciliation and gifts. Moolah. (Them words had to have come from some sort of edumacation - that costs moolah).

Now the computer is dying - and I have crappy internet service. So the resolves will come via moolah - with a new computer, (Maybe within the next two weeks? Hopefully.) and through cable internet - if the service is available where I'm at I can't even get Chinese delivery. No - not even Italian food made by Chinese.


darsden said...

Dang EB...if I didn't know better I would swear you are living in Mississippi, NO, chinese delivery either...for that fact unless you want pizza you are just out of luck with delivery. (they just started delivering pizza where I live just a couple of years is 3 miles from the pizza place...they can't drive that far.
Anyway I just moved from snail mail about 6 months ago....the laptop now has becoming an extension of my hands! But, you are right Moolah makes the world go roung, the world go round, Moolah is something I'll never have, never have...oh am I singing that out loud...dammit! Good Day!

Amber said...

My feet were so cold last night I couldn't sleep! That's why I made it to work on time.

You would be easier to read if you posted before 11pm.

Steven M. Adami said...

That was the moment that cemented our friendship...and I still haven't forgiven you.

Eskimo Bob said...

Darsden - It's nice to know that rural Alaska and rural Mississippi are so similar. Until now I thought it was just Injun Joe that brought parallels.

Amber - If your feet weren't so cold, I'd probably have posted something by 11.

Steve - I wasn't talking about you. Ass.

aworgill said...

I don't know if Chinese delivery is a standard thing here either. I've never had it delivered anywhere I've lived. Hmm.

Glad to know I'm not the only one who is abused by cold feet at night. Keep posting late at night and she'll get the message to wear socks to bed.

Carly said...

i swear i posted a comment earlier but it's not showing up. . . anyway, yeah grandma allen is in the nursing home. that is pretty weird you had to hear that from my blog. you should talk to your father in law about that.