Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Neverending Pit of Despair

Tuesday -

The armpit of the week. The week starts off with a headbutt to the throat with Monday. Then nuzzles you in a headlock letting you know that there is no escape from the workweek. I loathe Tuesdays.

So in order to pick things up a bit - we're going to resurrect the game. I like to have EBL be a totally interactive area for folks. I know - it's new and intimidating, but thanks to the regular few who have been participating and leaving comments from time-to-time.

This is just a simple caption game. What's a Caption Game? Well allow me to tell you - This is an improvisational exercise wherein I will have a picture posted - then each of you will have a thought that pops in your head from the picture. It's human nature - I know we all do it.

So here's where the game aspect comes in - after your brain synapses, you will leave a comment in the form of a Caption to the picture. It can be silly - serious - non-related - just something. I figure the online version of this may be more daunting - because rather than being in a group and just blurting out what comes to mind, you'll have the tendency to want to censor, re-write, re-think, or end up just not wanting to post. Don't let that hold you back: Go in with reckless abandon - leave no survivors.

In order for it to be a Game - there needs to be a winner. I would trust my judgment to make that decision - but most others wouldn't. So I have already tapped someone to be a judge and they've accepted. So who ever the winner is will receive something special from me.

So without further adieu here is the picture - and I'll whet the senses with some captions:

* I came here to help people, not take care of crying brats!
* And heeere's Kwame!
* What are you talking about? Kids love me - see!!


aworgill said...

For just 34 cents a day, you can feed your very own Negro like little Bubba here.

darsden said...

Madonna I found you a child

Steven M. Adami said...

-Inspired by the election of President Obama, Republicans begin the search for their 2052 candidate.

-Papa, run! White devil! White devil!

-Mother, this is Simon. We're in love.

Steven M. Adami said...

Ranchero Beans!