Friday, April 24, 2009

Rock'N'Roll Friday


darsden said...

rotflmfao... an eskimo rap song.. dang didn't know mo's knew how to rap...dude only way it would have been better was if if was a german eskimo rapping in german!

all hail bob...

Amber-honey I know there is a twist on LWBob stories...LOL any body that hails himself..(we know about)

Hope ya'll have a wonderful Weekend.

good ole song' with a twist!

Pearl said...

It's official, Bob.

Yer a freak.


And one of my favorite freaks.

Happy Friday!


Rocksee said...

haha thanks Eskimo Bob! I bet Hubs would be excited for a man date~! :)

Good to meet you !

Amber said...

When did Rock 'n Roll Fridays become devoted to crazy stalker people?

darsden said...

dang bob you said you wouldn't tell amber I was a stalker...dude!

Rocksee said...

Seriously Bob.. I would take Toxic Rain ANYDAY of the week over Tornados.

Get me on the fast track to AK. I am done with this place!

nsiyer said...

Rocking Bob. Enjoyed it. You leave people with a positive happiness quotient.