Thursday, April 23, 2009


It's important to celebrate the little things in life. Most folks take certain things for granted. Growing up in rural Alaska has taught me that. One hundred fifty has a special meaning in the Yup'ik Eskimo Culture. I don't want to get off topic - but if you are really dying to know - Google 'Eskimo 150 Meaning'

So here I am celebrating my 150th Post.

There may not be one tomorrow, and I am glad to have been able to get this far.

Tonight - I take my lovely wife to go watch 'SPAMALOT'. It is a TONY award winning Broadway Musical that is playing in Anchorage. I've very excited. Amber and I used to frequent the Theatre quite a bit when we lived in civilization - so we're very excited about tonights date. Heck I'm even missing an episode of "The Office" so that I may go.

So there it is my friends. The 150th post.

Humble. Just like me.

Now for something completely different!

The other day Pearl had something about Underdog on there and I perused it and then read it. I found out there there is an island of misfit blogs. Yes - where many emotionally damaged individuals go to post their cares away and where everyone thinks they know their name. It is Underdogs Unite! It is a commune of folks who have gotten together to help themselves feel better for no one reading their blogs - or being overshadowed by 'The Man'. Or as I like to call it: Drama Class in High School.

It is a place where bloggers have been nominated for several awards - but really don't have a shot at winning. ("I'm still pulling for you Pearl. - Just so you know I voted for Romney, and things didn't turn out too well. I'm just sayin.")

I wrote in to Kate - and told her of my pitiful story that is my blog - and well. . . I won another major award! It was so awesome they had to make up an award for it. [No - it is not like giving the 'Do-Do Bird award'] {Hey - just because it was 'Made Up' doesn't make it less special! GOD just 'Made Up the Earth - and we celebrated Earth day just yesterday!}

Well - it was quite a day for EBL. I do appreciate everyone who stops by and says something in the comments, heck even just the people stopping by, but don't be shy.

That's it for Eskimo Bob Lives. Remember to drink all of your milk, smile broadly, and tip your waitress. Rock'n'Roll Friday is tomorrow!


Carly said...

huh- the first thing that comes up when you google eskimo 150 meaning is this post!

sounds like fun to go to the theater. or theatre, if that's how the eskimos spell it.

have fun!

darsden said...

all hail bob, all hail bob's 150 post, all hail bob ...

Enjoy your evening with Amber, that is great date night!

Congrats *150* and many more

aworgill said...

I googled it too, and found out you are full of crap, which is what I was half expecting anyway... Enjoy Spamalot. I haven't been, but have heard it's a lot of fun.

Rocksee said...

Congrats on your underdog award!!

Steven M. Adami said...

Yay Bob!

Amber said...

Thanks for thinking that I'm lovely. I realize that you're contractually obligated to say such things, but they're still appreciated.

Unless you were talking about your OTHER wife. That crazy *$#@& can go to-

Never mind. It's not worth it.

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