Monday, February 2, 2009

Water Cooler

It is really cold outside. We're at 1 degree. Not counting windchill. In some spots of Wasilla we're at -6 degrees. I know, it's not as bad as it was a few weeks ago when we were regularly at -30. But jeez louise.

It doesn't help any knowing that a volcano may erupt at any moment, and thus knocking out power, for who knows how long.

Today I've been quite busy, and don't have much to post about. So how about just chit chatting? There's nothing wrong with that. Just post a dialogue and we'll have a little chat. Nothing better to do than have a little chit chat on Monday right?


Kara said...

Have you ever thought of moving to a warmer place? I'm just sayin'. ;)

Eskimo Bob said...

It has crossed the mind once in awhile. But we're actually quite contented to "tough" out these abnormally cold days. Doesn't seem to have been much warmer anywhere else though.

Eskimo Bob said...

Hey Teacher Lady - how about them Steelers? We were totally rootin' for them at our home, but then I broke away in the third quarter and backed the Cards. I just had to support Warner. For a second it looked like my support helped them out. But then, like most things, ended up being the downfall.

Marti said...

good evening bob...i love your header photo. can you please explain it?


Eskimo Bob said...

Hey Marti -

Sure thing about the header photo.

It is a mask made by Eskimos. This particular mask is quite interesting because masks representing the human form are very rare among the Eskimo Tribes.

This particular mask was made somewhere around the 1880's. It's carved out of burly driftwood and walrus ivory for the teeth. There are not many resources for them to make much - so the tools used for this were relatively primitive. I'm amazed by what the Eskimos were able to do with such limited supply on hand.

Marti said...

I guess my main question is what would they use the mask for? To protect themselves from the cold and wind? Did they wear a mask a a status?


ps. very interesting.

Eskimo Bob said...

Ahh - they would use it mostly for social gatherings, for the Eskimo Dance (not to be confused with the Bob Jam). The Eskimo Dance would often tell stories, as the tribe gathered.

Steven M. Adami said...

Hi Bob. Long time stalker, first time poster. I have nothing to say. I just wanted to see my name posted.

Oh, my word verification is "sourp". Ha!

Eskimo Bob said...

Steve - Thanks for stopping by, let me give you the tour (as if you don't know already eh?!?! [elbowing])

This here is where the magic happens, and here you can find all of my most important information. Birth certificate, Social Security Number, back taxes, compromising photos, etc etc.

Make yourself at home. Oh here, try this on (handing over a leiderhosen).

Steven M. Adami said...

Oh, that's comfy. I had no idea you could craft a functioning and comfortable home purely from whale blubber and hobo remains.

Eskimo Bob said...

Yea - amazing what you can do with a little positive attitude, and can-do Spirit.

Also - it's not really whale blubber, it's radioactive gelatinous conductors taken from Iraqi agents. The "hobos" are unsuspecting Democrats who think they are signing up for Habitat for Humanity.

Anonymous said...

Hi Bob!

I love reading your sassy comments of Pearl's page. I added you to my links on my page. I think you're pretty cool. Don't get blown away up there by that volcano...seriously.
Nice to just post and chat isn't it?
Happy day to you!
~Sweet Cheeks~ :)

Eskimo Bob said...

Hey Sweet Cheeks - yes I am hitting on you.

Yes, yes it is nice to just chat and not have the worries of posting a blog. I think it will be the wave of the future.

I have something in mind (which Steve, credit where it's due, has inspired) that I will be posting sometime.

(Next time, try to hold back on the positive affirmations, I think others will catch on that I'm paying you for it.)

Are you from Idaho Falls?

Kara said...

Hey Bob,

You made a terrible mistake by switching teams in the 3rd quarter!I guess I'll still let you in if you ever come to our house to visit.

willow said...

I thought of you when I heard about the volcano ready to erupt! Is it close to you? Glad to hear you are finally getting some of the cold temps we've been experiencing down here for the alst few weeks!

Eskimo Bob said...

Willow -

The said Mt. Redoubt that is taunting us is about 150 miles away. So far the winds are looking good, and if it does blow the ash fall will go out into the ocean. So I'm kinda hoping it blows before the wind changes.

Oh - you will be getting this cold temperature, for sure. I'm sending it down next day air!

darsden said...

oh, no no no too cold for me there!