Saturday, January 31, 2009

Weekend Edition

Hi folks - yup it's me. Eskimo Bob. I'm back!

My great thanks to Steve and Pearl for filling in for me the last couple of days. As most of you have figured out, I wasn't in. I have been inundated with e-mails, voice-mails, angelic visits, and antagonistic cat-calls voicing concern.

There is speculation that I finally went to the Dr. to get that item checked out, or I had finally turned myself in for that incident in '91, or that I am being swallowed in molten magma.

In regard to the first item, I believe that the Dr. can't fix what the Shaman can't, so what's the point? Regarding the second - NEVER!!! And the third - well that's actually still on hold. I've lived in the AK for most of my life, and I believe I've been in the State for every major volcanic eruption since my birth (Bill, I SWEAR - just. . . stop. . ok?. . . [breaking down in tears] . . . BILL!!). However, this is the first time I'm living in an area that will be directly affected by the volcano. I'm a little nervous if the ash fall comes this way, mostly because I don't want my television damaged due to the fine ash that will encompass everything. Never mind the special breathing filters for my kids - never mind sealing the windows, or the car engine. Just don't ruin the television before the Super Bowl....

Anyway - I was in a two day conference in Anchorage. There is nothing quite like getting 70 Life Insurance agents together. You don't like visiting with just one, try 69 more. (Kevin, it was cute the first 40 times, but really the joke is getting old). Seriously though - I really do love the work I do. During the conference, one of my associates (and a good friend) got a call that one of his clients had died. I know that when one of us calls you up and asks to meet with you - it's mostly an unpleasant experience because you have to face your own mortality.

The good ones - we actually end up making this a very uplifting and educational and provide our clients with objective advice to be adequately covered. Well - this client's family has the financial security to be able to grieve and have no other stresses. Now this client could have their business expenses covered, the could have their childrens college cost covered, the house could be paid in full - debts gone - and income replaced. So now - as I'm getting ready to get on the phones to make some appointments, I know that even though I'm going to be kicked in the teeth for the next two hours, there will be a day when I'm providing financial security to future widows and orphans.



Pearl said...

Hey, Bob!
Glad you're back.
I've always been a great believer in life insurance myself. Have had a large amount on myself (for my Boy) since the day he was born.

darsden said...

I worked at Allstate "Life" for 10 years ...

Fantastic Pearl