Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Millard Fuller R.I.P.

So you may be wondering who this guy is to my right, your left. This is Millard Fuller. He died Tuesday. He was only 74. Who is Millard Fuller? Well he is/was (sorry, it's still too soon) the co-founder of Habitat for Humanity.

I think I may have had a hand in his death. I'm kind of creeped out about it. Yesterday I made a glib statement regarding using the bones of folks from Habitat for Humanity, and well. . . now. . . He's dead!

I seem to have this affect on people. Usually it isn't this high-profile, though I have had other instances with high-profile folks.

In 1995 I was preparing to go on a two-year mission for my church. I sent in the paperwork and application. This gets reviewed by the way higher-ups in the church. Well, two days after sending in my application - which is how long it would take the Post Office to deliver - anyway - the President of the Church signs off on each missionary and where they will be serving. He must've received my application, and I done him in. I thought it was tough enough to get into heaven, now I have to make amends for killing one His servants.

Does this mean that I will stop making glib statements? I answer emphatically "Absolutely NOT!" In fact, I am more resolute than ever in being more glib. Until I'm taken away I shall always . . . hold on there's a knock at the door.


DangGina said...

So whose signature is on your mission call?

The saddest part of all is that you're killing off good men! Save your glib comments for the terrorists, rapists, serial killers, etc.

This is all.

Pearl said...

Don't answer the door, Bob!

Anonymous said...

Bob, you made me smile. I live in Mormon Missionary country and that made me laugh. Make no mistake...I was laughing at you, no wait, WITH you...yeah, that's what I meant.

If we could hone your talent, we could off a few of the world's more unsavory characters. Think about it....

Anonymous said...

Oh, and btw, I'm from Blackfoot. Just between Idaho Falls and Pocatello. The armpit of Eastern Idaho.

Steven M. Adami said...

Robert, please keep voting Republican. In fact, can you send a letter to your Governor? I'm sure someone will read it to her.
Hold on...my left arm is tingling. Huh. Imagine that.

Sweet Cheeks- I was under the impression that Idaho as a whole was an armpit. I guess that makes Utah the crotch.

Anonymous said...

That's it Mr. Adami...I'm coming over to visit. I expect delicious punch and fruit sancks when I get there.

Steven M. Adami said...

Cheeks- That's fine. I must warn you, however, that I have four monkeys and they have no compulsion about flinging feces at strangers. Give it time though. Stop by enough and they'll stop.

Eskimo Bob said...

Ok you two - Get a room. I run a respectable outfit here.

darsden said...

u r good... u don't even have to use a spear!