Saturday, October 18, 2008


August 29, 2008; 5:30 A.M. the alarm went off, and the local AM radio station turns on. A caller mentions that Governor Palin is the VP choice of John McCain. My stomach sank. It can't be true. A month ago, she was on a national television conference and publicly stated that she didn't want the VP job because it was unproductive and really that she had no idea what a Vice-President did. Talk about one of the first of many steps to embarrass Alaska. Additionally, she had recently pushed AGIA to spend $500,000,000 of Alaskan dollars to a Canadian company for a gas pipeline with no promise of getting the pipeline done. There was even an Alaskan company already working on a gasline project that would not have cost the State one cent!!! We've lost the Presidency. No - it's a nightmare, a dream, a delusion, wake up Bob, for the love of SPAM wake UP!!!

I get out of bed, turn on the tellie - my fears are confirmed. Yes John McCain, has chosen Sarah Palin as his running mate. I can't fight it, I can't yell at the t.v. loud enough for McCain to hear me. I accept the truth. I allow feelings of pride and even excitement to touch me as I realize that as the State of Alaska is beginning to celebrate our 50th anniversary of joining the Union (that's becoming the 49th State of the United States) that we have an Alaskan on the ticket for the Presidential Elections of the United States of America.

Since that day - whenever asked how I feel about Palin, I respond with "I'm proud for Alaska, but I didn't vote for her as Governor. She gets things done, but I don't agree with them." I admit, I'm a complex human being. (I think it may have some dealings with being a half-breed.) I'm a conservative republican, from an area that is liberal democrat. I don't view Sarah Palin as a conservative republican. She is the highest spending Governor in the history of Alaska, and we've had some liberal Governor's in our time. Her views on leadership, is basically: you do what I say, because I'm right. If you cross her in any form, then look out. All of a sudden you're not "Towing the line." You're not a "real republican." You're not a "patriot."

The RNC comes around - and she gives a great speech, as I knew she would. Everyone gets jazzed, everyone is excited, then reality sets in. Now it looks like Barack Hussein Obama is likely to get the Presidency. As much as I think VP Palin would be ill-equipped, I'm not voting for Obama, I actually have a sense of dread for an Obama Presidency. Government is not a solution, it's a variable in the equation for a solution. (Preferably after a minus sign).

I don't know how this blog got so serious - I started it with the intention of sharing a website my friend Grant sent me. You can click on it where ever you see an Alaskan in the Whitehouse. Or on that last spot.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.


Steven M. Adami said...

I think your analysis of Palin is right on. Sexy? Yes. Hockey loving? Check. Ready for prime time politics? Not even close.

Amanda said...

You're a real Maverick, Bob. :)

I was actually wondering what you thought of Sarah. Now I know. Thanks :)