Monday, October 20, 2008

Ch-ch-ch-ch... Modifications

It's Blue Monday - welcome to my world. This is the historic 11th post of the Blog. You're welcome.

So Amber has been dropping slight hints as to when I'm going to put pictures of our offspring on the cyberspace. I find it amusing the habits the females utilize while dropping hints. Such as when I am watching a sporting event of either football or girls bouncing on trampolines, Amber says: "Bob, when are you going to put cute pictures up of the boys?" I answer: "Sure, I'd love some hot wings. Hey, what did we do with that mini-trampoline we had?" Other times, she will send quick notes via e-mail: "Bob, those pictures of the boys we took last week, will you put them up on your blog?" The subtlety is beginning to become more obvious. Since I pride myself on being very progressive, understanding, supportive and a loving husband I respond back: "Start your own blog. This ship has taken off, and I didn't bring any pictures of these "boys". Have you found that mini-tramp yet?"

Today I realized that this blog, this ensign of truth, would be incomplete without pictures of my two boys. I came to this conclusion when I woke up this morning, I found my frozen hot wings,Johnsonville Brats, Mt. Dew Amp'd, Pizza Rolls, and various other goods sitting on the counter, thawed; and I noticed behind the couch: the mini-tramp taken apart and stowed away. I knew what I had to do.

So there is an addition to this blog: You will find a slide show that features my boys. It will be located in the blue box to the left (your right) of this blog underneath the daily quotes. Happy viewing and good night!

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Monica said...

Great Pics, now we just need some good ones of Amber too!