Thursday, July 2, 2009

4th of July Insights

The post in your capable hands again. Today I'd like you to comment on what the 4th of July means to you. Thank you for visiting - please invite a friend and friends please click on to become a follower.

The Inaugural Radio Show of Eskimo Bob Lives is Saturday the 4th of July at 2 PM Alaska time - 3 PM Pacific Time - 4 PM Mountain Time - 5 PM Central Time - and 6 PM Eastern time. You can listen to the show at or you can call 347-637-3422 and listen to the broadcast. Then you can put it on speaker phone and let your friends listen in too!


Rocksee said...

4th of July is like Christmas to me! Everyone in my town comes. It's so great. This year is my last one!

DangGina said...

Family, friends, freedom...the best of the best!

by Gina Orgill (7/07)
America the beautiful; blessed land of the free!
Brave men and women risk their lives to defend our liberty!
Long ago our Founding Fathers declared Independence
From any other nation who would threaten with offense.
They shared a vision of a land where freedom would unite!
For justice and for liberty they stood and fought with might.
A Constitution was constructed by those awesome men;
Among them was George Washington, and John and James and Ben.
They called their precious beloved land the United States;
A democratic government was formed--now open for debate.
Many wars have come to pass since we declared ourselves a nation;
Soldiers fight to keep us free with love and determination.
They love this land, these cherished people in uniform;
And we enjoy our lives of leisure while they fight in the storm.
No other country can compare, America is best!
Abundant is the life I lead--I am considered blessed!
My precious flag--red, white and blue--inspires love and praise;
It makes me glad I'm in this land to live my lovely days.
Our Anthem brings tears to my eyes--I know this is God's land;
He blesses us so gracefully with His Eternal Hand.
So beautiful, this country dear; mountains, rivers, sky...
A melting pot of culture--and homemade apple pie!
All thy freedoms I enjoy upon thy lovely shores;
America, my country home, I couldn't love thee more.

aworgill said...

Well, when we declared independence from Oompa Loopma Land in 1989, I thought, "This will never work". But so far, I've been pleasantly surprised at the number of groundhogs freed.