Friday, May 22, 2009

Rock'n'Roll Friday


DangGina said...

Aw...listening to you sing (especially those high notes) brings such a smile to my face...thanks for that!

DangGina said...

PS Who dared you to do sing that song?

Pearl said...

Remember that intervention we talked about?

Might be time.

Ya goof.



@eloh said...

I opened this blog with more dread than anticipation.

I quite enjoyed your tunes, I was also once a professional singer Bob, the maestro said the years of smoking had added a unique quality to my froggy undertones.

I was wondering Bob, about the "love" that you so eloquently sang about this morning. Do you love, Bob, because if you truly have love in your heart, would you be so kind as to destroy any evidence of those "froggy undertones".

And, thanks in advance.