Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Call-In Thursday er... Wednesday

Hey folks.

So I know I had been toting the call-in show for today, Thursday. However - I have a scheduling conflict. "But EB - you set your own work schedule."

It's true - I just forgot that I had the non-revenue generating call-in show when I set my Thursday revenue generating activity. Yet another Eskimo Bobism.

I did get in a couple of phone-calls today. I thought about just putting them down - but will wait until I can get a couple more of you to call in - those who already have, don't spill the beans on the 'twist'.

The in-laws have made their trek from the lower 48 safely up here. It's actually been a very pleasant visit - true it's only been two real days, but I've really enjoyed having them. The boys especially have enjoyed having them here - which has made it even more fun.

On a serious note - one of my dearest friends mother has come upon some health issues. So if you will please put out those positive health vibes for my friends mother - I would greatly appreciate it.

This Monday the 2nd boy had his Kindergarten Graduation - that was a bittersweet time.

Before they took their final seat of the Graduation program - each of the students found their parent to give them a flower - that was a precious moment.

Tomorrow - I won't be able to take any calls, but I can open some time up on Friday - and have made it possible for the phone lines to be open. Again - I'll send you the number you will need to call in to.

Have a great day folks - Tomorrow is nearly the end!


DangGina said...

Sorry I couldn't participate--work.

Glad you're having fun with the in-laws.

And cool for boy's graduation from kindergarten! That's a cute pic you got of boy and squaw. (You married a beautiful lady, Bob!)

darsden said...

I understand the schedule conflict. Kinda like money talks and bulls*it walks..LOL

Your lil one is growing up..I can see the bittersweet moment :-)

Carly said...

i can't believe dylan is that old. glad you're having fun with the in-laws. in-laws can be a challenge. can i call and vent to you about that?

Steven M. Adami said...

Ah, memories. I hope you enjoy them before you develop dementia and forget them all.

Rocksee said...

He's so cute. He looks so grown up! Just think in 11 more years he'll be doing that again.