Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Wednesday - Wherein Darsden Makes an Appearance

It is Eskimo Bob Lives, and it is Wednesday. I'm glad to say that I have this post posted on time - so I hope you folks on the East Coast or in other Countries take advantage of this.

I don't think I've ever mentioned someone in the title of a post. However - something kind of strange happened yesterday. Something that seemed a bit like something I would do. As my family (Father, Mother, Sister and Brother) calls it "A Bob Thing".

Separate from my post of comments that I had made on others posts, yesterday I had left a comment after reading a rather good post by Pearl. In my comment - I made a flippant remark how I have to bribe and cajole folks into coming to EBL, yet once they arrive they just leave, not reading.

Well - Darsden read that comment - and not one to take things sitting down, she proceeded to go through my previous 143 posts and leaving comments on each one that she had read. Not limited to just my posts, she was parading the fact, that I thought she didn't read my posts with a mention in her own post yesterday, and also not limited to just that - but leaving comments on others posts verifying that she had indeed read my posts.

When I first read one of her comments - I took it as a ribbing and chuckled to myself. Then - the e-mails arrived. I have comments forwarded to my e-mail alerting me that a comment had been posted. Well - my e-mail is forwarded to my iPhone - and all day, over 25 chimes lit up my phone. I couldn't understand what was happening until I had gone back to my flippant remark.

I think there is a lesson to be learned. Sadly Darsden had to pay the price. After spending about 25 minutes perusing over my body of work - I do believe the County officers came to pick her up after she had gone crazy. Please limit your exposure to EBL to no more than 12 minutes a day - otherwise you place your mental health in jeopardy.

And Darsden? You rock.


darsden said...

rotflmao... I was reading as fast as my eyeballs would go... but man Bob, (meant with all the bloggy luf I have) dude you can get winded... I thought I could just fly by...but nooo You have to be an in depth person...with videos! Yes, be careful... be very careful, what ye ask fer..! Might want to take that reply to Iphone button off. Ya know I still have 1.3 months to go to catch up and not to mention all the first post from your first site with alllll those links... Dude!

Hey have you feed those kids today. I don't think I have ever been mentioned in a title before..but you did give a great service warning about dar...LOL she will stalk your butt :-)

All done with bloggy luff for everybody. I was an eskimo last night in my dreams...should seen me with that spear!

darsden said...

Oh EB, I didn't take it Flippant at all! I took it as a challenge and preceded on ;-) (just between me and was much longer than 25 minutes.. Oh they come again...gotta run!!

darsden said...

Okay they left for the moment. I love the stalker lady...thanks! (you are hilarious!)

DangGina said...

Simply amazing!

LadyFi said...

That's hilarious! You've got your own stalker! Congrats... hope she stops spamming you with her e-mails soon!

darsden said...

LadyFi-I have what 1.2 months left of frigging I mean wonder reading and comments to go..he better disable that connection I am gonna blow his minutes out the water ;-) I never, never, never give up a quest I start :-) Imma gonna know this german eskimo dude ... well..., like a stalker wood...would!

Pearl said...

You have to watch out for Dar -- she's quite sincere and has an excellent sense of humor.

Fragrant Liar said...

:) Well, proof is in the reading. I just read several of your posts. So there. Deal! I even read Darsden, and in fact, I came over here from her blog roll. See, I read. Mostly I came here because I saw you were from Wasilla, a place made quite famous recently by You Know Who. I did enjoy your blog and will be back.