Friday, April 17, 2009

Rock'n'Roll Friday


Steven M. Adami said...

Now *that's* a fine way to start my Friday.

darsden said...

well I have been hanging out here so much, I was trying to go in to hibernation...but that just brought me out...Now running around slamming red bull!
Thanks ;-) now looking for something else to go with my red bull,wonder where I put that whiskey! Chit, it's only 7:30 am..oh but it's later over by braja...hummm cya

willow said...

Can you see my head bobbin' with that super duper spyware? :D

aworgill said...

Excellent choice. I should do this earlier on my Fridays, instead of at lunch when I'm most of the way to quittin' time anyway.

Amber said...

I'm not stalking you either, but I could recommend a good stalker if you need one.

I'm only here to stalk Mr. Hendricks.

And possibly Sean Connery, should he happen to show up.

Anonymous said...


I missed Friday!

Well...I enjoyed it on a Saturday anyways!

Happy Day Funny Bob!