Thursday, April 16, 2009

Playing Well With Others

Thanks to Darsden for tagging me (in elementary school I would often punch the kid who was 'IT' in the throat if they tried to tag me, because I wasn't that fast of a runner) I am going to try and play along (this time) Dars - it's because you've been so kind and well, after the incident in 1983 - it's been mandated that I attempt to play well with others. . .

8 things I'm looking forward to
1. Having the Squaw home -
2. Higher Guaranteed Interest Rates
3. Hugh Jackman as 'Wolverine'
4. Heaven
5. Learning four more 'H' words so I can do a joke right - (I was going to list all of these starting with 'H')
6. June and making Council
7. Losing more weight
8. Increasing my 401 (k) participation

8 things I did yesterday
1. Woke Up
2. Rubbed my . . . eyes (yawn)
3. Said 'Good Morning" to the boys
4. Made breakfast for the boys
5. Checked Dashboard
6. Made Phone Calls
7. Got stood up for an appointment
8. Posted Rock'n'Roll Friday!!!

8 things I wish I could do
1. Fly like Superman (Heck, even fly like the Greatest American Hero)
2. Really stick to my Ideal Schedule
3. Have a Select Preferred rating again
4. Close that HUGE account sale - which would solve a lot of problems
5. Visit with my friends (not enough time)
6. Remember birthdays before they happen
7. Bake the most delicious cake
8. Beat Sylvester Stallone in an Arm Wrestling match (Over the Top! Baby - Rent It - Watch It - LOVE It)

8 shows I watch
1. The Office (above all others)
2. LOST (when I remember)
3. Biggest Losers (We order KFC while watching it)
4. Southland (New show on Thursday night - check it out folks, it's really good. & -Monk (We always forget about this show until it comes on late Saturday afternoon)
5. Today Show
6. The Ultimate Fighter* (Honoree mention - we don't have Cable - but I'd totally watch it. There's an Alaskan on there right now)
7. True Blood - again an honoree; I've heard great things about it, but haven't actually seen it.
8. Law and Order: SVU

8 People I tag:
Umm . . . people I know who will enjoy this

* The Ginabean (sorry folks she's private - but it'd be great if she went public)
* Travels with Orgilly - He'd weep if I didn't mention him in one of these things.
* Brent - I forget the name of his blog - but he's the youngest sibling of the above mentioned (both) - I don't think he'd weep though...
* Mitchell Madness - haven't brought her blog up; but she always sends e-mails when her blog is updated which really helps me visit it.
* Me & My Boys - I think she enjoys this tagging kind of stuff . . . I know she likes scrapbooking. I think . . .
* Riding the Tailboard - he's one of the boys in the aforementioned people I tag.
* Kara - she brings reason and sanity back into the cyberspace.
* Steve - undoes Kara's work in above statement.


Carly said...

glad to see you've learned from the 1983 incident.

darsden said...

Pearl said I had to come over and say I am sorry ... and play nice!

Thank you for the links...who's stalking who!! Two post today woohoo...(is that better pearl)

Give me that damn remote bob.. while I'll...!!!

DangGina said...

Thanks for thinking of me, Bob. I already did this one though...back in October, it seems. Here's the address:

Scrappy Doo said...

Bob, I found you through Pearl
Great Blog!
Have a good weekend.
Not stalking,:-) just like following a good blog
Scrappy Doo

Eskimo Bob said...

Carly - Thank you.

Dars - Apology accepted, now send me some chocolate covered fruit. (just kidding)

Dang Gina - Dang Gina, I guess I won't invite you to things anymore, because apparently I'm too late.

Scrappy Doo - Welcome to the Tribe. That Pearl puts together a nice blog eh?

nsiyer said...

Why only eight was the first thought? Eight is unlucky for me. Nine is my number. Anyway, Iliked the eight things you did - the Bob way.

Pearl said...

Bob, Dar, you two are killing me.
I would very much like to see the two of you at the same party...


darsden said...

danggina where's bob...haven't seen him since...hide and seek.. I mean a day or post ago...hummm

*whispers somebody feed them kids)

darsden said...

* I am looking... ya'll could help...stop standing around duhhh
...drinking maybe stir the leaves up some...something!*

darsden said...

ollie,ollie,ollie...translated... all ye come

darsden said...

a lil something over my way if you want it :-)