Sunday, April 12, 2009


Happy Easter everyone -

I hope you had an enjoyable Spring day and that the annual family pictures with the new Easter Sunday clothes turned out well. I also hope that you enjoyed your Easter dinner.

Most folks will be having the traditional Ham dinner tonight. Here at the EB abode, we've actually have had quite a bit of pork product the last couple weeks, and weren't really looking forward to another evening with Wilbur. So the Squaw and I were trying to come up with something to have for the special Easter Dinner.

The boys chimed in first with "Hot dogs."

"No boy - we will not be celebrating the resurrection of our Lord and Savior with hot dogs."

"They're clean though - the Passover rules don't apply now because Jesus said we can eat pork now."

I thought to myself - 'Huh - no wonder we all have ham for dinner on Easter now. It's a big symbolic middle finger to the Jews who can't eat pork. I thought it was just because we're all tired of having . . . '

"Turkey. We can have turkey." the Squaw chimed in.

"Really? Turkey? That's like the standard holiday fare. Let's live (Easter humor - get it? Live - as in resurrection, alive after death? . . . oh jeez - it's hopeless) a little." I said.

"Well - what do you want?" the Squaw asked.

"What about lamb? That seems appropriate." I replied.

"Isn't that too expensive?"

"You're right. Let's wait to splurge on a holiday that is really more deserving than the victory over death and sin."

(You know when you think about it - Jesus is probably the best person to be pragmatic with when it comes to celebration. I don't think he'd be offended. Although it'd be just as easy to shortchange Charlie Brown or Eeyore because it's just too easy to take advantage of them - and they're fictitious [not Jesus, just Charlie Brown and Eeyore]).

"Dad, what's lamb?" the oldest asked.

"It's a sheep. But I guess folks don't like the idea of eating sheep. Counting sheep? Sure. Shearing sheep? Right on. Taking advantage of sheep while alone on a mountain range in Wyoming? Heck YES! But eat? . . . can we eat them when they're babies? Sure."

"ESKIMO BOB!" the Squaw chided. "Well - isn't lamb difficult to prepare? I'm not sure I know how to make it."

"You're right. I mean - how difficult could it be? 2000 years ago they seemed to figure it out. When all they had were open fire pits. It must be too difficult now with a Viking range."

"I don't want lamb."

So we ended up with turkey today. It turned out fabulous. And you know what? We're still grateful for this holiday season and had a great time at the dinner table having wonderful conversation. I hope you enjoyed yours.

A side note - tomorrow the Squaw leaves again for the week. So if I get moody or start crying just humor it.


darsden said...

Happy Easter to you and yours Bob. You are crack me up. So, where are the family Easter pictures.
Jesus, fed an entire village on a loaf of bread and fish...hummmm so the celebration of any type to him is just's the coming together that really makes him smile.
Enjoy your evening with your family. :-)

Eskimo Bob said...

Darsden - Gracias. Oh yea: I forgot to get back to the family Easter picture. Here at the EB abode - we have two boys, no girls. So no new Easter dresses - hence no new pictures. Plus I think Eskimos believe that if you take their picture you steal their soul away. . . I'll have to look into that one.

Anonymous said...

Yay! The EB abode had Turkey...I was thinking that when your boys were shouting Hotdogs!

We had turkey too. It was delicious!

Hope you have a lovely night and Happy Easter to you and the family!


Carly said...

what's wrong with hot dogs on easter?!

Steven M. Adami said...

Yay ham!

Amber said...

Yes, I am leaving for another week. Will one of you please remind Bob to feed our children this time? I'll be in the thriving metropolis of Napaskiak if you need to reach me...

Eskimo Bob said...

Sweet Cheeks: Turkey is great, especially on Sunday's. Makes for great naps.

Carly: I don't think Jesus would mind Hot Dogs - but may have a little disappointment that one couldn't think of something better. Unless it's a Chicago style hot dog. The kind you get from Wrigley Field - then he just may love it.

Steve: We should think of a theme song for Ham.

Amber: (Crying) - - - Don't leave!

aworgill said...

I had the traditional ham yesterday (and cheesy funeral potatoes - YUM!), but am thinking that next year locusts and honeycomb might be more fitting, if we're really trying to be like Jesus. Or was that John the Baptist?

Brent said...

I had reheated pot roast. I hate working 2 jobs. Oh, well.

(speaking to self) Chin up boy! Nobody wants to hire a crybaby! Don't you want to get hired full-time after the temporary position is accomplished??? (silence) ...On second thought, just shut keep your mouth shut and take it like a man, it'll be over in a matter of a couple months.

DangGina said...

so when we were IMing on facebook a few days ago and you said "Amber thinks lamb is too expensive to celebrate the resurrection of our Lord and Savior" I totally wrote it down on our quote wall. (We have one in our house.) So it's there. And I signed it as Eskimo Bob.

Glad you enjoyed your turkey. I usually get really in the mood for turkey way before Thanksgiving. Maybe I'll see if my mom thinks I'm worth the work to make a turkey dinner when I go home for my birthday in May... :)

nsiyer said...

Happy Easter, Bob. You can drive people crazy, laughing their guts out.I enjoy it.

Eskimo Bob said...

Aaron - did you get the copy of Lamb yet? It's a great read - I hope you enjoy it.

Brent - I think they offer psychological drugs that can help you out. . .

Gina Dang - Yes! I made another wall of quotes. At least this time litterate and not confusing it was this time!!

Nsiyer - I'm glad that you get a kick out of the blog. I'm more happy that you post a comment - thanks for indulging my narcissism.

Pearl said...

If ham was good enough for the settlers, by golly...

Oh, like it matters!

(And yes, we had ham...)


Carly said...

i didn't cook hot dogs, but i don't know that my dinner counted for something better. i just threw chicken and mango in the crockpot. but mango chicken does sound oh so fancy, right?