Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Yes - the Eskimo Bob clan has increased by one. Please welcome 'The Salacious Ignatius'.

Iggy joined our family yesterday - Monday. He is adopted and like most adoptions in Alaska it's due to knowing a family that just doesn't want another mouth to feed.

Iggy is eight months old and has already lived a hard knocked life. He was purchased from a breeder of Terriers in Washington state. He's actually a mixed breed - (a lack of oversight from the breeder). He wasn't the first choice of his previous owners - they actually wanted a Boxer, but were told by that breeder that they'd have to wait four hours to hear back from him - so they just went for the next thing in line. That was Iggy.

Then the previous owners got the dog that they really wanted. A Corgi. The two pups grew up together and seemed to be getting along fine. Until about two months ago - then the Corgi started to establish dominance. The Corgi wouldn't allow Iggy to eat - then would randomly just kick his butt just to show that he could. The beatings escalated until this past weekend when the two dogs were coming in when the Corgi went for blood. The owners thought that the Corgi was going to kill poor Iggy - so then they put out the word that they were going to get rid of their good dog. The dog that doesn't attack. The dog that doesn't bark. The dog - that is perfect for our tribe.

Iggy is already submissive, so that saves on my energy of establishing dominance.

So now it's been a full day that 'The Salacious Ignatius' has been with us - and he seems to be acclimating. He's still real skittish - which the boys are really trying to be sensitive to. But we're excited nonetheless to welcome him to our little igloo.

*I had thought that I had posted this for reading first thing in the morning - but the puter has been fritzing out again. Better late than never eh? Have a good one folks.


darsden said...

iggy is just adorable...that is wonderful ya'll adopted him. I hope he has an easier life than his begining :-) for life of riley Bob, don't try to teach him to say All Hail Bob...just not gonna happen!

DangGina said...

I never know what's fact and farce with you. Congrats on the new addition, and I'm glad that "other family" got rid of their good dog. He's cute. :)

Pearl said...

Excellent, Bob. Iggy is going to have a happy and loved life!
p.s. For a moment, I thought you were going to say there would soon be another little EB running around!

willow said...

Awwwwwwwwww!!!! Nothing brings happiness to the house like a new pup. And how adorable is this guy?!

Steven M. Adami said...

We'll see how endearing it is when it poops all over the place.

aworgill said...

Good job going for the dog who is already broken in, even if the methods were harsh. That's the thing that pisses me off about Ike, the whole Alpha male thing that his previous owners didn't take the time to break him of. If I had my choice, (and next time we get one), a more humble pooch will be exactly what I go for.

Amber said...

Once again, the moment I leave the house (I'm currently in Nunapitchuk) Bob does something that never would have happened were I at home. The dog was adopted on Bob's way home from dropping me off at the airport. Iggy is kind of cute, though. Maybe we'll keep him. :)

Gina- his story on how the adoption came to pass is the same one he told me so it's probably true.