Monday, March 16, 2009

New Beginnings some other Beginnings End . . .

Last week I had a discussion with someone. He had mentioned how enigmatic my blog was. Which has really led me to doing a lot of self-evaluation. The exercise of self-evaluation is something that may be very therapeutic - however if you have some mental illness issues, could lead to some very violent outcomes.

I've self-diagnosed myself, and no - I don't have any mental illness issues. (Isn't that right King Plingy?)

So, I'm wondering what may be going on in your minds regarding myself. What is your impression of Eskimo Bob?
What are some of things you like and dislike regarding the blog? Do prefer having the written word - or the audio-video blog? Have you fully taken advantage of the site (As a reminder - there are some hidden Easter Eggs - and more upcoming)?

Don't worry - I can rationally detach myself from any given circumstance . . . although I guess if I were to rationally detach myself from this - it would be stepping outside of myself as to why folks do and do not like certain aspects of me. . . maybe I should get the lithium ready.

So I guess this is just quality control. The site has been averaging about 15 visits a day, which is a big thank you to folks from around the world. I do hope that if you stop by you leave a little note - just as a matter of courtesy: Hi Bob - stopped by, took a pound of sugar and 16 bars of soap. Thanks!


Carly said...

as a new comer to this blog i'm very excited to see what's going on in your cute families' lives. hope all is well!

willow said...

You have a nice variety of written and video. In fact, I think you write with a great deal of candor. Don't change a thing.

Amber said...

Hate the audio- don't have speakers.

Make some brownies, huh? You should have refreshments for guests.

Pearl said...

Hey, Bob.
Don't normally do the audio.

Love the written. You're funny, seem pretty evenly keeled -- despite the fact that I know you don't do caffeine! Weird... :-) -- and come here probably two-three times a week, just to catch up.

What distinguishes you from other?
You're funny.
You're smart.
You live in Alaska.
You're Eskimo.

Go with your strengths, baby. I wouldn't mind seeing more on Alaska, more on being a Native American or Yup'ik...


aworgill said...

Stopped by, took a couple of cookies, and didn't drop the soap.

aworgill said...

What I like: the irreverent sense of humor. What I like less: I'd like to see a little more personal stuff, even though I know you don't use this as a journal. The stuff that makes you tick. And I want more from King Plingy. Lots more.

Steven M. Adami said...

I keep telling you, I get a huge kick listening to you, so I think audio is the way to go. Stop losing sleep over what people think and just post what you enjoy.
I like talking music and movies, so I think you need to cater your posts to my preferences. Do it!