Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Wherein Old Things Become New Again

Contrary to public opinion - and my own statements. I do enjoy very much spending time with my little family. Amber's wit and sarcasm brings smiles to my face, and when it ticks me off - I am able to appreciate it that much more later. Caleb's physicality intermixed with generosity and thoughtfulness is just fun and refreshing to be around, along with his sense of humor. Very much like my own - rudimentary. Then there's Dylan. Who is sick today. He's hilarious, thoughtful, and very very sweet.

Lately - when I get "family" or "kid" movies I've gravitated to the old standbys. No Bionicle. No Yu-Gi-Oh's or other blights on children entertainment. Most recently I got the boys "Davy Crockett: King of the Wild Frontier" - it was a lot of fun to hear the boys give their rendition of Mr. Crockett's theme song and hear them pretending that they are going after "my people" - as Caleb put it. He was quite distressed that people were fighting with Indians and took it personally.

I followed Davy Crockett up with Swiss Family Robinson. That was a show I really enjoyed when I was a kid, and knew the boys would have just as much fun with it too. The best part of it was - the very beginning. On the new DVD release Disney brought back a tradition they had whenever they showed one of their feature presentations, and that was an animation short before the movie started. This one was with Donald Duck.

When Donald's mug flashed across the screen - along with his theme song both the boys broke out in pure excitement: YEA!!
Dylan: Donald the Duck! It's Donald the Duck!

The boys were glued and had a great time with the short and the movie. I wonder why don't they make 'em like they used to?

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DangGina said...

AMEN! Movies and TV ain't what they used to be. I'm most upset about cartoons though; cartoons these days are CRAP! Whatever happened to the Looney Tunes?! And how 'bout the Muppet Show? (I LOVE the Muppets!)

Hear, hear!