Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Turning Japanese

Last night - #2 boy was sick all night. The poor boy kept waking himself up with his coughing. Thereby keeping me up as well. All day I've felt like I've been in a drug-induced stupor. I assure you - this is no natural stupor, as I am quite aware of them and know the difference.

Anywho - I had a great idea. I thought. Who is worse off than I am? Obviously just about everyone - but that was too broad. So I had to narrow it down.

Thank heaven for Craigslist.

The entire nation is at your disposal to see the dregs of society. And they are publishing it themselves!! Oh the glory of god - sweet, sweet manna from heaven. Craigslist.

Check this out some guy from the Orlando area:

My microwave doesn't work anymore and since I am a guy and dont know how to cook there is a strong possibility I might starve to death. if you have a working microwave laying around that you could give I would greatly appreciate it. Also if anyone has a t-mobile phone that accepts simcards that would be great as well- don't need anything fancy- I broke the clasp that holds the Sim card in on mine and turns off automatically at the most inopportunie times.

If you can't read the caption at the bottom it says: "Please give me a microwave." I love the straightforwardness of it all - and also the man knows, don't stop and squeeze any bit of opportunity available. Not only does he ask for a microwave - but a cell phone! C'mon - let's get together and see if we can help him out.

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