Thursday, February 19, 2009


Ohhh - we made it to Thursday my friends. Can you believe it? Even with the short work week here in the States, it's been a doozy of a week. You know - the weather has just been crazy all over the place? In one part of the State of Alaska we had a 62 degree shift in temperature within 48 hours. Blizzards are hitting places all across the country. Strawberries are frozen in Florida. Chimpanzees and humans bathed together and fought against each other. We had a Stimulus Plan signed into effect. And. Today is the last day of General content availability for EBL.

Today is the second, and last day of the Eskimo Bob Lives blog site Open House and bring a friend so hopefully you are taking full advantage of this. That's right - as of Friday February 20, 2009 at Midnight Alaska Time, EBL will be exclusive. Only a select few will have total unfettered access to the exclusive content.

Who are these select few? How may you be one of them? Well - the cost is free, but the price is signing up. You sign up by signing the Guest Book. Several of you have already done so - you are better off for it. The site will be in the strictist sense of the word exclusive. So if by Friday February 20, 2009 Midnight (AK Time) if you had not signed the Guestbook - you will be unable to see the exclusive content.

Are there provisions if you were unable - or unwilling to sign the guest book in a timely manner, that you could later have access to the exclusive content? Possibly. The cost will still be free - but the price. The Price will be much more than simply signing a guest book. Some may not want to do what will be necessary to join the elite. But that is exactley what sets us apart.

Anyway - so if you're new to the site, maybe have your escort who brought you here explain what's around. When I first started the journey of the Cyberspace I put out a straightforward explanation, you will want to start at the beginning. Now - you notice that today is the 101st post by yours truly. However, it is not the 101st post on EBL. All is explained along the journey - so start from the beginning to get to the beginning.

Exciting times are amongst us. Though I do not have a crystal ball to tell exactly what will happen - I am able to tell you what I can do. I can, not promise you that you will not cry. I can, not promise you that you will not fear. I can, not promise you that you will not die. I can, not promise you that you will have lunch tomorrow. I can, not promise you that you that your plans will work out just right. I can, not promise that you will finally laugh with pure joy. But I can promise you something. I promise. I promise. I promise - that in the end; you will get exactly what you deserved.


Amber said...

"I think of a hero as someone who understands the degree of responsibility that comes with his freedom." -Bob Dylan

DangGina said...

I did it. And it didn't cost me anything. Sa-WEET! Sorry I haven't dropped by lately...

Eskimo Bob said...

Gina - I was actually concerned that you wouldn't make the deadline. I am relieved that you made it under the gun.