Friday, February 20, 2009

A New Era - Exclusive Membership - Rebirth

The world is changing. So too must I.
618 B.C.

If you are reading this - then you have made the cut. You are the few, the elite and I am entrusting you with something that most will not see. I am Bob Petersen. Welcome to my blog.

Up until now, I've been quite cavalier with my posts. Which is fine - I probably will continue to be quite cavalier, as it is a trait of my personality. However - for the next while - I'm not quite sure how long, you will get exclusive access into what I really think about things - and get to know me quite intimately. (Don't worry Steve, that mole in the special place is still just for you). Hopefully it will continue to be entertaining, insightful, educational and worth your time and mine. There are some criteria - of which all of you will be able to choose to be a part of with your own free will and choice to accept or reject. If you reject - just let me know and I will excuse you from the blog.

First - I commit to posting a blog daily, minus Sunday. I will make it quite clear when I expect to get some feedback regarding an issue - as sometimes it may end up being more of a forum rather than just a post. I'd like to think I've cornered the market on good ideas, but apparently there are just a few others out there who may have one or two of them.

Second - if there are folks who did not get to sign up during the Open House, then they may be able to join in, but I'll have a screening process in which they will have to answer several questions and take solemn oaths. Alright - it may not be that intense, but I will be sharing some information that will not be meant to just the casual observer. Referrals are always welcome.

Third - I'm hoping to actually make this a little more interactive. So if there is something you'd like to discuss or get my thoughts on: I'll take them seriously or - if need be - not seriously; just let me know and I'll see what I can work out.

That's about it. So - that is what you can expect. I hope that it lives up to the hype. If not - well. . . Welcome to my World - Hope it Affects You as it has Me.


Marti said...

I look forward to being one of your elite followers.

Steven M. Adami said...

Cavalier? Bob, you know I've never doubted your horsemanship skills.