Friday, February 6, 2009

Creative Anachronism

My patient followers. I found it. I repeat. I found it. Not only the You Tube video - but a news article as well.

I love myself some theater. I love to nerd out too. I think folks are entitled to exhibit their individualistic tics that weave into our lives that make it a beautiful tapestry.

Heck, my uncle dresses up every year and re-enacts himself some Civil War battles. (Yes, each year he is disappointed that the South did not win. Hav
e courage though, the South WILL rise again). I think I'm able to stomach the Civil War re-enactment more because well. . . it was less than two hundred years ago that happened. But stuff over a millenia? You might as well re-enact the battle of Oarthshanks on the field of Rohan. Or even trying to make the Kessel run in less than 12 parsecs. Sometimes you just need to let some things go.

Heck - I'll even cut you slack if your pretending to be a professional wrestler. Who hasn't flexed their arms or said "Whatcha gonna do. . . ?" Well -enough from me. You've been patient enough, I shall not cause you to wait a moment further.
Oh - the new agent is
Viscount Sir Dietrich Jorgen von Marksburg or during the day: Vince Yoder. He's dressed in green and white in the video. Yeah he's like 4'11".


Steven M. Adami said...

Too many fat people. Not everyone can be a knight or lady, so where are the peasants? Peasants can't be fat. I should know, I have an island of them and I don't feed them.

Eskimo Bob said...

I love the Monty Python moment, when he hits his leg. Apparently you can continue to fight even when you've lost a limb.

What warriors.