Thursday, January 15, 2009

Thursday Edition

So it sounds like everyone is experiencing winter in the lower 48. It seems as though folks have grown accustom to some warmer weather. I know up here in Alaska, the past three winters have been very warm.

We just finished a cold snap that lasted just over two weeks. Since Christmas, we haven't seen temperatures over -20 F. Today it's 46 degrees. Yesterday we had freezing rain - which is not snow. It's rain that falls and then freezes, covering everything in ice.

So that has made driving conditions so bad that they have canceled school yesterday and today. I'm feeling a little cabin fever right now - as it's too wet and miserable for the boys to want to go out to play, and they are driving each other crazy.

Oh - and as an update. My phone issue hasn't been resolved yet. I'm feeling a little ticked.


Marti said...

Rub it in...yeah yeah 46 degrees today. And everyone I talked to today is going to the Bahama's. It was a balmy -50 in MN today.

After it hits -10 below it doesn't matter... if it's -20, or -40 it's all the same C-O-L-D.

No sympathy here for your cabin fever ;)

Eric S. said...

Yes, were getting your chill down here also. Nothing below zero, heck it's Texas, very seldom below zero.

willow said...

You're looking at a weather map of my neck of the woods! And it is -7 right now. Brrrrry!

darsden said...

We don't have much of a winter here in Mississippi. Maybe two to three weeks in the 30's. Only got to 32 degrees 4 times this year. Usually hangs in the low 60's or high 50's