Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Back to Basics

My friends and followers, it has been a pleasure being amongst you. In my transition to the new blog spot, I've neglected something that until recently has been on the back burner. Yesterday's blog reminded me how dire the situation really is.

As you folks recall, PETA is trying to help out our buddies the fish. It's a travesty when animal life takes precedent over human life. You will notice on my left, your right, that I have re-introduced the Denmark population counter. This awareness cannot be forgotten.

I take full responsibility, as I came over to the new blog spot, I was enamored with the new surroundings. I decided to check out the sites, and forgot what was really important.

In regards to the Population of Denmark, some of you may raise concerns about this, but not in a positive or proactive manner. You may be thinking to yourself: Why do you post this? Are you trying to be internationally weird? This has no bearing on me, why do you bring it up???

Polar Bears. The Polar Bear is the answer, right now the U.S. Government is researching on whether or not to add the Polar Bear to the Endangered Species Act. They come to this conclusion based on several factors, one of which being the population of the Polar Bear. Currently, as of this posting the Polar Bear worldwide population is roughly 25,000. The total bear population* is 575,000, making the Polar Bear roughly 4.35% of the total bear population worldwide. Alarming yes, the Polar Bear makes up less than 5% of the total bear population*, clearly action needs to be taken.

Now I come back to the Danish. As of this posting, their population ranks at 5.5 million (rounded up). The total world population is 6.6 Billion (rounded up). The Danish make for only .083% of the total world population. My friends, this is a travesty! How can we, living in the age of the Cyberspace, be able to allow this to happen?!? Clearly I move that the population of Denmark be watched on continual basis, and placing the Danish on the Endangered Species list. Could it be due to global warming or environment changes? Is it due to the financial crisis being felt around the world? Further study needs to happen. I will do my part, by posting this beloved member of our worldwide self on my blogsite. Please help the Danish.

* Total Bear Population in regards to the "Big Three": Brown, Black and Polar Bears. Not taking into account Koala, Panda, Bear Markets, Baloo, Winnie, or other types of Bears unless they be of the "Big Three".


Amber said...

Why speak so softly?

darsden said...

Read! I am with Amber you should be shouting this even in word form.

I am afraid they have waited too long for the polar bear..I am very worried about them. Along with the ice melting at alarming rates!