Friday, January 9, 2009

Baby Steps

I hope that you folks had a good time with the "interview" by Willow. She did a marvelous expose' if I do say so myself. Thank you again Willow. I sent an "interview" to one of my best friends Steve, and I gotta tell you, thinking of questions was hard work. Katie Couric, I have new found respect for you.

Because of Willow, I have had an influx of new visitors. And though you got a sneak peek into the psyche of Bob, I do believe you will need to see the complete vista. So I am putting down my first blog, and a link to my first blogsite. This Eskimo Bob Lives, is an experiment in complete self indulgence.

You will see that this is a continuation of a journey that began just nigh four months ago. I ended Welcome to My World: with a blog titled, Final Post. Hence, I found myself in a conundrum; because words have meaning, and I titled it Final Post, if there were to be any further posts on there, then all previous posts would lose their validity due to the hypocrisy of the final post. Savvy?

It could be argued that my life is a definition of hypocrisy, but then whose isn't? The cycle needs to break, and I've broken that link - and started this link, by linking back to Welcome to My World, Hope it Affects You as it has Me.

In complete self-indulgent behavior, I embedded an Easter Egg into the final post, as I could not even leave a note saying that this was in fact the final post of the blog. Just a handful of the current followers have been able to find it, and it is amusing to see which of the folks will figure it out.

This train is going places folks, strap in!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I Blog Therefore I AM

My Friends, being the trendsetter, and Maverick from the North that I am. Being especially proud, independent, a lone wolf if you will . . . what-have-you - I am beginning a new stage in life. I am taking the stage of the cyberspace, going where none have gone before . . . posting my thoughts, beliefs, misnomers, misspellings, petty grudges, plagiarist tendencies, innuendo, and all original thought, in all the glory of Bob and all that I am - onto this new and scary world of blogging. Yes, my followers, it is a brave thing to venture out into the unknown. You are better for it, in following me here. So, take heed and witness the first steps into CyberSpace, this Internet, the World Wide Web, the vast void, as I begin to fill it with my girth and penetrate deeply into this new venture. I board now this template that has been prepared for me. So let the journey begin -

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darsden said...

Read! Watched using them damn fancy word chit chit chit!
Final Blog... wheres the Egg!

All Hale Bob!