Monday, December 8, 2008

What to discuss?

My friends, my followers, my everything. Let me find the words to share with you today that will light the path. It is a deep cavern, this the cyberspace. It can be frightening, especially if it is accompanied by improper grammar and spelling.

I recently finished reading 'Slaughter-House Five' by Kurt Vonnegut. It is a tale about the Dresden massacre of WWII, a tale of war. The narrator took a back-seat, second hand look at the atrocities and focused on one of the survivors, the outcome was a nimble tight-rope walk between humor and the macabre.

I think most folks are able to relate to Mr. Billy Pilgrim. We find ourselves in situations where we are really unsure about how or why we got to them. Perhaps we may tell ourselves that we may relate, only because we know of such a sad figure, and have tried to help them out once.

Moving on - it was a very windy day here in my homeland. The kind of wind that shakes buildings, and chills the very marrow of your bone. It is weather like this, accompanied with the darkness of winter, that really says: Welcome to Alaska. Dumb ass.

However, it is also days like this I realize that my ancestor's (mother's side) would yell right back: Bring on your worst, for we are the best mankind has to offer, and we will not only survive but thrive. (Author's note, I don't think my ancestor's would say that they are the best, as most of the Eskimo culture is quite humble, but it's true.) Then they would go out and do it.

I've often mused over the fact of putting together a seminar, or book that would outline success in business with the Eskimo culture. A seminar may be more appropriate, but then I couldn't help but think that I wouldn't be able to produce it much justice. A collaborative effort would seem to be the best solution.

Well - I'm not able to offer much more up to you folks today. Hope that this suffices.

"I don't know where she went! When I went to get her up, the room was empty, she had left."

"When was the last time you saw her?"

"11:30 last night. She came out wanting to go for another stroll. I told her that she needed to go back to bed, and well now, she's flown the coop."

"How could you allow this to happen? We knew you weren't responsible enough for this!"


Steven M. Adami said...

A book on business ventures for native Alaskans? I see some comic potential there, my friend. I would love to take a stab at co-authoring that with you.

lili11 said...

Wow ... I found a blog from up North. Love it.

willow said...

Hi! Nice place you have here! And I was so flattered to see my little Manor listed on your blogroll. I've enjoyed your comments. Thanks for stopping by!