Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Smooth Operator

So - today was a hybrid of busy and stagnant. It's toward the end of the day here in Alaska, though for many of you my followers you've probably already have gone to bed. It starts to get dark here at 4:15 PM then by 4:40 it's totally black outside. Oh yeah. . . 45th post baby!!!

To the right, your left, is a picture of an Eskimo man trying on his ivory sunglasses. They were used mostly, not for the overbearing sunbeams, but for the light reflected off of the snow. Being that most of the terrain these Eskimo's lived on were flat, barren areas, it was difficult to find material to use. Timber? Nope. Metals? Nope. Lichen? Yup, but what the heck could you do with lichen?

So they were pretty resourceful, using every bit of the animals that they used for sustenance. It was a pretty tough life for them - I guess you can say it was even harder out here for a pimp. Maybe that's why they're (Pimps) are in SoCal. It was an Academy Award Winner folks. In the immortal words of Jon Stewart: 'Three 6 Mafia, One. Martin Scorcese, Zero.' (Update, Marty finally won one).

I don't know what else to post folks, I know that I'm supposed to be able to just put down what I would like. But I'm feeling rather cynical. What a horrible time of year to be cynical no? Politics? Nothing but scams. And it goes back to - what I blogged about earlier, where the person who speaks softest isn't taken seriously. I mean, we live in a society now where the Boys Scouts are viewed as deviants and deviant behavior is defensible. That's all.

I don't mind if people choose to perform deviant behavior. I don't think people are horrid for choosing to do something, except for maybe brutal homicidal rages, but even then . . . right O.J.?

I'm posting in between phone calls. Hence, my growing irritability. I guess, broken down to the simplest common denominator I sell life insurance. No matter what I say - when I mention that I'm with New York Life, the first thing out of the person's mouth (Steve, that was just gross. Funny. But wrong.)is: "We're all taken care of." or "Is this about life insurance?" I'd flip out a little bit more, but I think I would have an aneurysm, and I would prefer to enjoy spending time with my boys (stop it Steve) until they become teenagers. Then I'll hand them off to Amber (Grant, last warning. - I know what Steve said. Yes. . . Grant!).

Maybe I'll be back, most definitely tomorrow. I'm sorry for being nothing more than entertainment, and a social exercise in bi-polarity.

"Where have you been? Everyone has been worried sick! Where did you get that!?!?"

"There was a bazaar. I simply could not go without it. Is tea ready?"

"Uh- - - wait. This can not go on without further discussion and intervention. Shall I get Timothy?"

"No. You most certainly will not involve Timothy in this. What has happened, has happened. Anyway, it certainly would not matter a twit to him. Him and his bees."

"I will get the tea ready."


willow said...

Trendy sunglasses! What is lichen, anyway?

Eskimo Bob said...

They are trendy aren't they. Only 35,000 years in the making. The previous models were without the eyelets, they didn't make a huge hit, and was the idea was shelved for about 8,000 years. Oh - and lichen, I put a post down, you probably have already read it, it's a quick slide in, but if you're alert, you'll catch it.