Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Tuesday - the armpit of the Week

Keep it simple, short, and sequential.

Today has been a whirlwind of a day, I don't have much time to post, since I have an appointment in just a bit.

My followers: I'm afraid this post is in your hands today - and tomorrow. Two posts for the price of one. Today is my post, your insights are the post for tomorrow.

I know - I could get my blogging privileges revoked for entrusting you, the general public, with the content of the blog. It just shows the strength of my blogging acumen. I know that you can pull it off, especially since we are now one blog away from the all important and historical 50th post. It seems like yesterday that we began this journey. It's quite daunting to think of actually. The tales of EB have gone international, and no world police have found me yet.

So here we go. Let's do .. . perfect phrase!!! Again the rules of this are quite simple. Click on the insights thinger, then just type in a phrase or a few words. Now - today's game is Perfect Phrases for that Inopportune Moment: yes brevity is not a strongsuit of mine. It dates back really to my great-grandmother on my father's side, when asked if she preferred . . . . (what? ----I'm distracted?) Ohhh. Yes. Forgive me. Perfect Phrases - so each person needs to think of a perfect phrase (or imperfect) in a given situation. For example: Perfect Phrases from a Nature Documentary -

Bob: What if hamsters fought in the American Revolution? (puts two hamsters down and stands back to watch).
Steve: (back to audience) BAAA! (turns around, embarrassed)
Gina: Tonight on The World of Insects - fondue!
Tony: One of the best things you can do, of course, to these charming chihuahuas is to set fire to them.
Chris: Now how do you put the leopard back together?
Ryan: Turtles are usually a slow animal - but ... (spins one around and watches it race off).

So on and so forth: So without further adieu . . .Perfect Phrases for the Welcome Announcement for the Historical 50th Post:


Eskimo Bob said...

Perfect Phrases for the Welcome Announcement for the Historical 50th Post:

Ladies and Gentleman, for the half dozen in attendance, and the millions doing something else, I introduce to you: - - - ahh forget it. I'm outta here Bob -

Lori Ann said...

There are many who said that this day would never come. That I couldn't reach 50 blog posts. But then, I am not the only one who overccome doubt and adversity. They said that Martin Luther King couldn't change the world, and that Ghandi would not bring peace, and that Britney couldn't make a comeback. For those who doubted, I leave you with the 8 words my great grandmother spoke to me on her deathbed..."Don't hate me, cause you aint me, bitches!" (bad language optional)

DangGina said...

I'm actually giggling pretty hard at the perfect phrases for inappropriate times; I can't beat the 6 examples you already posted. I just can't. (At least, not at this late hour.)

As for my "famous" post...I realize that it's local news. I honestly think that Idaho news is a big fat joke. But I think it's cool that dozens upon dozens of people got to see my roommate on television. I thought it was cool, even if it only reaches as far away as Malad. :)

willow said...

"But of course, daaaaaaling."

My old standby.

Amber said...

Or the 8 words spoken by Chris to his leopard, "I don't see what the big deal is."

Steven M. Adami said...

World's Worst Reality Show:
"Well, we've applied the second coat. Let's watch it dry."