Thursday, December 18, 2008

Thursday Attitude - Historic 50th POST

Welcome one and ALL TO ESKIMO BOB'S HISTORIC 50th POST! (smattering applause - applause machine breaks down)

Yesterday I left my blog in your hands, my followers. You did not disappoint, except you Frederick.

(Standing in silence, shift eyes to the left [your right], watch as security escorts Frederick out.)

As I mentioned, you my followers, did not disappoint. The blog was in your hands, and the responsibility was to play perfect phrases for the situation of the welcome announcement for the historic blog. (Breathe) I was going to highlight some of the best of the best, however, when I was copying and pasting, I ended up deleting them on accident. You can see the remaining six entries on the insights of the previous blog.

I did have it on my agenda today to discuss something that really has been nagging at me; not so much a bother, but a mild annoyance really, I appreciate the fact that this little blog from Wasilla, Alaska has been seen in places that I can not even pronounce, but I am chagrined that I have not been visited by a specific place yet. Yes. Denmark.

Now I went out on a limb for them. I really did. I don't have any real ties to Denmark, nor do I have any pretend ties. If you are new to the site, and haven't followed since the beginning, first off I implore you to do so, it will only help with your sanity as we navigate through this the cyberspace; however if you need a quick update you may click {here}. So here I am - advocating for them, without any thought of remuneration, or praise, or a key to the country; but not even a visit? They are on the decline people! Maybe that's why they aren't visiting and it only underscores the severity of the situation. My lord people! I'm having a panic attack, just thinking about those poor, poor Danes. I mean - I even represented the Danish with Ren Hoek. What more can I do?

This is something that is bigger than myself. So once again, I reach out to you, my followers. We need to spread the word. Share this message to all that you can. Let them know the plight of the Danes! Maybe I'll set up a Billy Blank Boot Camp, and we can all Tae-Bo together. Remember that? It was from the late 90's and early 2000's. My friend Jack (he's white)'s wife (she's white too) from time to time pops in Billy and works out. Reason I know this, is because Jack lets me know that he comes home to his wife, she's all sweaty, being yelled at by a black man, and enjoying it. Anyway - we'll have a B.B.B.C. and raise awareness.

Oh, and by the way, if you know anyone from Iceland, please send them to here: CLICK ME!

"We've been doing this to each other for awhile now. I think we may end up just hurting each other, more than we're helping."

"I just love springtime, when the trees blossom, and the birds return from a long, cold winter."

"It's October. It's 39 degrees outside, and here we are taking a stroll in the park. The leaves are dying, and falling off the trees."

"Isn't life wonderful?"


Steven M. Adami said...

It seems that our mutaul love for all things Nordic has been fruitless. I'm pulling for you, but I think you might have to spread some love elsewhere.

Amber said...

And I have a suggestion...