Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Life of the Party!!

Okay folks - no real discussion here, today is Wednesday. I'm going to be gone tomorrow - Thursday so no post for tomorrow. So my dear followers, you have some responsibility, I need your help. First off, I would like to reach the historic 1,000 visitors to my site, so tell everyone you know to stop by. Secondly, it's time to play another game. This is one devised from my cohort Steven. As you see here is a picture of someone who made a bad choice. It's their mugshot. I don't know who they are, it's not that important, even if they happen to be one of the few to visit this site tomorrow. So just add your own Caption to the picture! C'mon people let's get'r'done! I'll help get you started:

  • You can't arrest me, I'm the HULK - ARGHHH!!!
  • "Make a Squishy Face. AHHH - Simon didn't say!!"
  • Diploma? I don't need no stinkin' diploma - this is the interview for President of the United States right?
  • See - I can touch my nose with my tongue!! Ehhhh!!


DangGina said...


Aaron said...

"I never noticed this smell before. Is that me?!"

"Okay, who let a fluffy?"

Monica said...

Bitter Beer Face

Steven M. Adami said...

"I -am- smiling."

"Palin '12!"