Friday, December 26, 2008

He Likes to Move It, Move It. . .

I hope that everyone had a very merry Christmas. Ours was a lot of fun, with Christmas songs, Ham, delectable desserts, and of course bahookay shaking. Dylan, our youngest, who doesn't believe in pants, came home from school one day and was able to show what he had learned. He isn't quite a lyrical gangster, but he can shake his tail feather.

We were near to ending our Christmas-eve feast, when the boys broke into booty shaking. Caleb gave his best, but you'll see the youngester come in and show how it's done. He obliges first, in making his brother feel like he's doing it somewhat well, but then gets down and decides to tempt fate and throw in some elbows before Saint Nick shows up.

So it was a lot of fun. Dylan got too worked up, and really impressed me. After all was said and done, Dylan had de-escalated and was standing next to me. I heard a SPLAT, looked at Dylan. Dylan looked me straight in the eye, and said: I threw up.

Remind me sometime to share with you my stories of having too much fun leading to non-alcohol induced vomiting. Who says you need to get schnockered to have fun? Here's looking to New Years.

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Amber said...

I guess you had to be there... I find this post extremely hilarious and I'm still laughing my bahookay off!