Friday, November 7, 2008


Welcome - ONE AND ALL!!! It's Friday - and the historic 26th posting!!!

There is a lot to get through today my friends. What a week huh? I can't believe everything that has happened.

I have to admit that today's blog is difficult to write. Perhaps because I'm trying to actually put some thought into it before I type down my thoughts. Why do I even go through this exercise? I'm not a writer. I'm not a columnist. I don't think I even can say that I'm a pundit on any issue.

I guess it's because I don't take any of this very seriously. It's an outlet - most of the day I'm often on the phone trying to set appointments, or following up on opened business, or even studying to keep up-to-date on all the latest changes in the financial industry.

The problem today is - I'm not feeling rather creative. I chalk it up to being Friday -the end of a long week. So here are two incidents that happened this week that I will report on.

Amber came home yesterday and told me about an experience while at work. She was dropping off some information to this guy in charge of materials or maintenance, I'm not entirely sure; I had in my mind an older gentleman who resembles Creed from the television show: The Office.

Scene - Hallway of RurAL CAP office building. Mid-Afternoon. Amber stands before a closed office door, Amber knocks on the door:

Creed: Come in.

Amber enters office. Interior slightly messy office, that smells of lemon seed and flax oil. Creed, sitting behind desk, rotates pleather office chair to reveal that he is exercising his inner thighs with the Thighmaster, and continues to do so in front of Amber.

Amber (thinking): Maintain eye contact, look out his window: Creed, in order for me to fulfill the order for our Napaskiak region, I need form 829.

Creed: Not a problem. Sets down thigh-master. Walk to bookshelf and gets form. Takes form to Amber.

Creed: You know - you are one attractive woman.

Amber: Thanks.

That's all - Amber then left creepy guy.

Earlier in the day: I'm at my office and need to take care of some business. As soon as I step out of the mensroom, I am greeted by a lady from one of the other offices in the building. She says to me.

Lady: Do you notice a strange smell?

I look at her with a look as did you really just ask me that? Then I glance down at my book, then back at the mensroom door, and point back to the mensroom door with my book and say: I certainly hope not.

Lady: It smells like fumes or something.

Bob: It's quite possible.

Then we both walk away from each other.

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Steven M. Adami said...

I think I've worked for that guy.