Monday, November 10, 2008

Rubber Match

Good evening; I'm sorry to those faithful followers who have been waiting since Friday to read a new post. Today has been extremely busy, I know - priorities. . . don't stone me yet.

So today I was in Anchorage, all day. In fact, as of this posting, I am still in Anchorage. It's quarter to nine, and I ended up visiting my friend Grant. We're going head-to-head in a best of three Scrabble game. Hence the title of the blog - no it's not gay code - I'm quite pleased that I've beaten Grant. After all he's quite literary, he has a Master's Degree in English and I have received secondary education from Idaho and Utah; so basically just verification that I graduated high school from a rural Alaskan town with a class size of 29.

My friend Steve, has updated his blog, and thankfully seems to have found a muse; as his writings are 100% Adami and I just get intimidated with his depth of humour. Of course it helps that he grew up in Moose Jaw, Canada, and was also fit to get secondary education from Idaho and Utah.

I have to admit, I'm a little disappointed that there has not been more enthusiasm or participation in my various games posted. But life is full of disappointments, and if my blog can be of any solace to folks, they can see the disappointment that is my blog.

So here goes the rubber-match. Wish me luck.


Lynxy said...

I have been crucified and even then the Heathens refuse to repent.
Wo is those chastised by the fanged one as he maped my demise.

Lynxy said...

How the f do you post.
and by f I mean fanged.

Eskimo Bob said...

Yup - I wonbama. (Coined term; wonbama-adj: To win by a large amount, landslide, total domination victory)

Steven M. Adami said...

Thank you for the kind words. See what years of alcohol get you?

Eskimo Bob said...

This is how it's done.