Thursday, November 20, 2008

A Sight to See

I've been inundated with concerned followers, who were worried that my last blog was a little too bitter. They felt that perhaps I was a bit too attacking - though to whom they weren't quite sure.

So in order to bring things back to Zen-like qualities, and to run a tight ship; I'm bringing things down a level. Just sit back, relax check out the sweet photogs and once you've had your fill - feel free to leave.

So to feed your brain as you trip out; chew on this followers: Fractal Geometry. You may have to Google it, as I am unable to really expound on it.

Check out this picture, how many faces do you see?

Well - the time is fast upon us. Time for me to leave. I'll see you tomorrow.


Amber said...

I think I counted 18 faces. Is there an answer? Because who cares about zen-like qualities unless you get the right answer?

Oh, and I need to buy body scrub.

Amber said...

Oh, no there's way more than that. I forgot to include the obvious ones. I would like to request a re-count!