Monday, November 24, 2008

Blue Monday

This is a picture of a Sea Star that I caught while fishing for halibut a couple of summers ago. The sea star weighed about 45 pounds. I think if you click the picture, you will be able to see that I interrupted it's brunch, as it is still munching on some clams.

Welcome my friends, it's Monday; I really wish I were able to have some interaction on here, as I would play a snippet of "Blue Monday" from Bo Diddly I believe, or perhaps it's Fats Domino. Maybe Muddy Waters. Who knows, if you are really interested in finding out who sings it you can google at your leisure.

Today really has been a hazy kind of Monday. Just longing about - the day started out with such promise, then just petered out around 10:30 AM. So is our life just a bunch of pleasant platitudes played out until we stumble across something we notice and say 'Boy, that was a nice lunch.'?

I really do not like talking about politics that much, as it makes me seem much older than I want to be, and I don't think that there is much originality to it all anyway. So you may ask: Then why bring it up?

I don't know. Perhaps I'm much older than I want to be, and not as original as I thought either. I appreciate the Bohemian way of life, but don't really subscribe to the liberal views most of them share. It would seem odd to come across a person who is in the lifestyle of a bohemian, only to start discussing the pro's and con's of trickle down economics, and the necessity to move forward with development of resources, while trying to save the Danes.

I also found out, that playing games just for the "fun" of it, really isn't that fun. For anyone. But when someone wins, especially when it's quite close, things get pretty tense, and then it's not that much fun anymore. By the way - I believe that I am winning in the game.

I came across something that has reinvigorated my feeling for music. I'm not sure if any of you have found the gem of yet, but it's a radio station site that is simply wonderful. I actually am listening to music again on a regular basis, rather than just listening to talk radio.

One food that I really like is chicken pot pie. I used to have it on a regular basis for lunch when I was in high school. Yes, it was the frozen Swanson's chicken pot pie. Amber found that quite endearing, or pathetic, the other day. When I told her about that, she responded with an "Awww." I wasn't quite sure which direction to take it, so I decided to just leave it.

Speaking of not quite sure of which direction to take, there once was a Nun from Mantakut.

Caleb and Dylan have really enjoyed playing the rhyming game, and have recently found out about free association. We would lay down, look at the ceiling, Caleb will ask us to say the first thing that comes to our mind when he mentions a random word. We were playing until we couldn't think of anymore words, but then Amber interjected and put a stop to it all. I believe we had gone on for about five minutes just coming up with random words.

Would you like to know the secret of success? Apparently it's quite simple. You just have to choose to follow it.

Some people get so caught up on little things, that stop them from moving forward. Whether it's a misconception, apathy, or just plain old stupidity. It really is the biggest mistake people take, initiating a plan of action. We can plan the greatest vacation, but if it's not followed up on, it's just a nice plan. No memories, or real outcome.

I'm not sure how much rambling I'm wanting to do - I'm mostly putting down thoughts in between phone calls. Yes - it's that kind of Monday.


Andrew said...

blue monday = new order. no googling for me, I just listened to "waver" music when I was a young whelp.

Steven M. Adami said...

You have w weeks worth of material here. Why waste it all on one post. Pre-mature posticulation?