Thursday, October 30, 2008

Psychological Nudity

That's a phrase Michael Savage uses - he may say that he coined it, but really who can be sure?

This is for all the people, who, bless their heart, , give everything away when someone talks to them. I appreciate the fact, that every single one of us, from time to time gets to feeling blue, and not connected to the rest of humanity. In my profession - of my choosing, so I have nothing to complain about - I talk to a lot of people. I get to go into their homes, and spend an hour or two with them. This is an experience I had early on in my career, it was December of 2006. I was with my managing partner (MP), so it can be verified.

In order to keep confidentiality I will not be using names. So I meet with Joshua and we begin to talk. He opens up first about his hot girlfriend -

Joshua: Hey Bob - thanks for coming over. My girlfriend isn't here, but she's hot. Way hot. She's a stripper at the Bush Company . . .
Bob: ----- (looks at MP, he sits back and keeps his mouth shut)
Joshua: she probably cheats on me, I know if I were as hot as her, I would. But she still comes home about twice a week.
Bob: Congrats. The purpose of our meeting today is . . .
Joshua: I mean - she's smokin' hot. (Puts hands in cupped shape in front of his chest) Those babies are natural - D's. (Smiles). And when she works it she really works it . .. (continues on)
Bob: (Thinking to self )- "Really? How did I get myself here? . . . I mean he seemed nice enough at the bank. What? He's unbuttoning his shirt?"
Joshua: I got these tat's in California - yeah I got picked up for being in a brawl at a bar. They were going to charge me with a felony - in fact I was even in San Quintin for a day - but then the case got dropped. . .
Bob: to introduce myself and my company, and to determine if I could be of assistance to you in accomplishing one or more of your financial goals with the services. . . Joshua finally shuts it for a bit - with odd verbal diarrhea from time to time -

Then I begin to explain the different classifications of ratings and how they are determined when I hear:

Joshua: Oh my family is tough stock. My mom and dad are still going strong. They're both in their late 80's. In fact my mom called the other day - she's blind - but she was calling to complain about my dad. I asked: Mom, how're you doing?

Mom: Oh, I'm fine. But your dad can't get a boner.

Joshua - laughs loudly at this - and begins to talk about viagra, but how he doesn't need it. But will be glad it's available when he's 80.

Bob: Well thanks - if you don't have any further questions, I'll put together a plan about what we discussed and get back with you in a week. . .

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