Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Perfect Phrases for that Inopportune Moment

Happy Wednesday, this is the historic 18th edition. Welcome - strap yourselves in and get ready to ride!

Rides over, get off!!!!

So here we are again - I'd like to play a game. This will require some involvement other than my wife's witty cousin Gina. I'm sure she will set a good example and lead into the foray with guns blazing.

So before I continue on with the game - all that is needed is to click on the comment link at the bottom of this post. Then just type in a phrase or a few words. Now - today's game is Perfect Phrases for that Inopportune Moment: yes brevity is not a strongsuit of mine. It dates back really to my great-grandmother on my father's side, when asked if she preferred . . . . (what? ----I'm distracted?) Ohhh. Yes. Forgive me. Perfect Phrases - so each person needs to think of a perfect phrase (or imperfect) in a given situation. For example: Perfect Phrases from a Nature Documentary -

Bob: What if hamsters fought in the American Revolution? (puts two hamsters down and stands back to watch).
Steve: (back to audience) BAAA! (turns around, embarrassed)
Gina: Tonight on The World of Insects - fondue!
Tony: One of the best things you can do, of course, to these charming chihuahuas is to set fire to them.
Chris: Now how do you put the leopard back together?
Ryan: Turtles are usually a slow animal - but ... (spins one around and watches it race off).

So on and so forth: So without further adieu . . .


Eskimo Bob said...

Okay - so here is where the topic is determined and we begin our little trek: Perfect Phrases from a dinner party.

- Lovely home; I build my own - never know when you might accidentally build on an Ancient Indian Burial Ground, eh? Eh? EH!?!?!?

Steven M. Adami said...

Oh, sorry. I thought this was still the brothel. Let's go kids.

Eskimo Bob said...

- Thanks for inviting us. I ordered Domino's should be here soon (Doorbell rings)Oh, here he is. (Pats jacket) Can I borrow $20?

Amber said...

I really hate stupid party games.

Eskimo Bob said...

- I'd like to welcome you to my little party, I'm your host, Dr. Hannibal Lecter.