Monday, October 27, 2008

Lost Transmissions of the One-Armed Scissor

So it's been a few days. It's unbelievable the amount of voice mails, e-mails, and other forms of contact from my faithful followers I received after not posting since last Thursday. What can I say - I'm back. So gather around the seal-oil burner and get ready for a new yarn to be spun.

October 28, 1994


They say I'm depressing, maybe I'm having fun.
Don't send me to the store just to be left alone.
I go where I want, saying things full of meaning
but no one hears. They just let me be. Don't
try to understand, just let it fill in. You too will
have fun in the cerebral cortex of Juan Valdez.

Everything is going as planned. Nothing could
be better.What more can you ask for? Perfect
in every way. I did an excellent job.

Wing around grabbing for answers Can't do anything.
You're a screw up! Nobody likes you. The way you walk,
talk, breathe, sleep, eat.
There is no answer for you. Just be as
inconspicous as you possibly can.


Nothing you do is original! You feed off others
like a hyena on a zebra. Mixed together with a
smorgusboard of ideas in which contradict
each other. You make me sick.

I stand at the end of the hall,
like a little child waiting for the
time I could make it down, and see
what no one else understands. They
call for me, stand and make fun
not knowing I think they're all dumb.
I look in the mirror and see myself
as if I am normal. No one understands,
Mom says she loves me, but cries herself
to sleep. While dad stays silent never
reading to me. I do everything as
normal as society wants, but still
no one will accept me completley without
thinking that I can't do it.

The dog is so nice, never barks or bites.
They all run around, pull the tail,
nothing happens right.
Owners praised for such a good dog,
sits and stays.
Never begs for food, even after
having none for days.
Cutest little dog ever known,
Little girl Lisa goes to play with it.
She is nice to the dog
he plays along, until she touches his ear.
Then he bites into the carotid artery
and she is lying on the ground

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Steven M. Adami said...

Nice title. I bought the album because of that song.