Thursday, October 23, 2008

Job Openings: Apply Within

Now - I think that blogging is fun, in fact it's a nice little 15-20 minute escape from the world as I plop (stop that) down my (shut it, Mark) thoughts. I guess some people have taken this blogging to a whole new level. I've never been one who really enjoyed school work, just for school work sake. Even now - I don' t see the relevance in writing a dissertation on the inner turmoil of Daniel, in the novel adaption from the motion picture The Karate Kid. There are, more than several of you folks out there, who have seemed to make blogging an assignment. I came across an advertisement for ghost written blogs. Seriously.

Now I don't know what the annual revenue of said business brings in, but really? It's not like you're trying to get out of writing a paper for World History, or obtaining your Masters with blog writing. There are folks out there, who have hired some complete stranger to write down a blog, it can come in either once a day, once a week, once a month, or even quarterly issues. I'm at a loss to have anything else to say on the matter.

And now for something completely different: Sheep lined Denim Jackets.


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Jenn K said...

Finally catching up to your blog. Amber was right -posting pics of kids is a must for the female audience. Your boys are adorable. You and Amber look great! The Danish population post has my husband, who served his mission in Denmark, very interested in touching on this population tragedy at his mission reunion next month. Thank you for brining it to our attention.