Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Yeah - I know, Right?!

So I'm awesome. It's something I had to learn to deal with since I was very young.
This week, after being on the job for one and half weeks I've been promoted to the HR big whig.
This after I not only arrived late to work and left early, but completley blew off a work day since it was my "Birthday".
I thought I had gotten away with the slough, and texted the squaw with the affirmation: "No one noticed I was gone." when a knock came to my office door.
It was the Executive Director.
"Oh crap." I thought, the jig was up.
"Do you have a minute to talk?" The Executive Director asked. Which is never a positive opener to a discussion - only bad things happen after that opening.
"The HR Director position is open and I think you should apply for it. I think you'd do a good job with it." came the invitation.
"Sure." I answered.
So I did the "interview" and a day later, 9 days after being hired I was promoted.
Then I got the cake. I don't know if it's intentionally sarcastic, but I don't know if they're really all that enthused. Anyway - I'm their supervisor now, so they better make nice.


DangGina said...

Way to be awesome. And you're so humble about it too.

Umm, is this real? It sounds kinda like the plot to Office Space...

tattytiara said...

Sarcastic cake's as delicious as any other, I'd definitely still have a slice.


@eloh said...

Way to go Bob!

Carly said...

that's awesome, way to go! mike is studying hr...maybe you can share all your hr secrets so he can get a sweet job, too :)