Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Untitled Masterpiece

It is often said. Even unknowingly when included within words - like just now. . .

I've had a fascination with words - they carry with them (thrice now) such power that can crumble nations, break-hearts and mend hearts.

So - I'm playing single parent again this week. It's not as difficult as one may think, but I wouldn't want to do this - say 9 weeks out of the year. Oh wait. I do.

Two more times - are you keeping track?; because frankly - I'm going to stop.

This week on EBL - we are going to be focusing squarly on True Ghost Stories. All episode long we will only deal with Ghost Stories - no news - no chit chat about the weather or what's happening. . . just plain ghost stories.

Ok - I'm hyperbolizing but that's something in which I tend to to. You should be used to it by now. So - I'm kinda in the mood for a game: Perfect Phrases for that inopportune moment. However I'm not sure on what subject matter to play.

Perhaps Perfect Phrases for Treat-or-Treating while wallowing waves of guiltless gluttony galvanizes your arteries? Or the Perfect Phrase for a Police Officer pulling someone over.

Give it a go and let's see where we end up.


Pearl said...

I am actually writing my scary story as we speak!

I don't have any ghost stories, though. Have never met a ghost...


Brent said...

it's been way too long since I've been in Eskimo territory, and I remember why I enjoy it.
as far as ghost stories, I don't really have them. the only one I've got that even comes close is humorous, and the only one I might have is not worth mentioning.
I'll be be back again real soon.